Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Knick-Knack give your Bone a Wack

Soon to have the table of justice turned on him, Garfield Heights Prosecutor James McGrath IV was arrested for repeatedly shaking a "stick" at a women. After confronting the women at local gas station with this "stick", McGrath proceeded to follow the women when she pulled off, (911 Call).

You might be thinking it must have been over a misunderstanding. Well it was a misunderstanding alright....

Garfield Heights City Prosecutor James McGrath IV was arrested early Tuesday in Cleveland after a woman accused him of repeatedly flashing and masturbating in public.

Brigid Heron, 30, of Euclid, told police she was pumping gas at a station near East 116th Street and Miles Avenue when a man in a green pickup truck wearing a light blue shirt and tan pants exposed himself to her and masturbated while "laughing sickly." More....
I wonder what sort of defense his attorney will present for Mr. McSpank IV?

Well your Honor, my client was holding his hose and pumping..... Damn, sorry! OK, Well your Honor, Mr. McGrath was wanting to put his hose in a tank..... Aww shit!

Your Honor, I apologize.... my client is a closet crack head and he was on 116th & Miles at 3:00am looking to score some rock and a crack whores, he enters a plea of "Dumb Ass"!

Maybe he should call Sen. Larry "Wide Stance" Craig for advice.

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