Friday, September 21, 2007

One Big Happy North American Union

The Great Plains International Conference in Denver put on by Ports-to-Plains Trade Corridor Coalition, was meant to discuss infrastructure and developing economic opportunities in the Great Plains region.

Thrilled spitless they had a national stage, Mexican officials wiped the refried beans from their chins and promoting their Meximerica desires...
Referring to Europe, Evaristo Lenin Perez of Ciudad Acuna – a sister city of Del Rio, Texas – told the Great Plains International Conference, "It's a model we need to follow quickly."

Perez later told WND, "If only people know the benefits of opening the borders and working together, improving the quality of life for all, then no one would be opposed to the idea of a North American Union."

"We need to begin by building the infrastructure in the three countries, investing in Mexico, and then we can sell the main idea that Mexicans should stay in Mexico. We just need to create an equal level for all," Perez said.

Ignoring the sacrifices and blood spilled to found the United States of AMERICA and not Meximerica, Del Rio, Texas, Mayor Efrain Valdes throws in his support for a North American Union....

....Valdes told conferees he came to build relationships he hopes will last for decades to come.

"We are all North Americans," he said. "Three countries, but we are all North Americans." More....

Somebody pinch me and tell me this is just a "Bad Dream"!

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