Friday, September 28, 2007

Dennis & the "Dupes"

The Cleveland Rag Dealer, took a well deserved shot at the Cuyahoga County Republican Party and their feeble attempts to oust boy blunder - Dennis Kookcinich.

Noting previous articles on Kookcinich's ridiculous run for President and calling his impeachment attempt of Cheney a monumental waste of time & energy, the PD calls the RPCC's plan to oust Kookcinich equally ludicrous. Taking the RPCC to task and pointing out their inability to win a race, the fishwrap calls their "new plan" ridiculous.

Seeing how effective their Pork Barrel Buffet pieces on the local dems are working (sarcasm), the Dupes of Kuyahoga have launched a website and a petition drive to oust Kookcinich from office. You can bet this will be as ineffective as the Pork Barrel Buffets and pretty much will have the same results - NOTHING!

The PD offers some advice....

Memo to Cuyahoga County Republican Chairman Rob Frost and his perennially unsuccessful party: If you really want to take away Kucinich's House seat, there's an election in a little more than 13 months. Find a good candidate and seriously lay out the issues. Argue that Kucinich is ineffective in Washington and out of touch at home. He certainly gives you plenty of ammunition.

Make that case to the voters and see what happens. Don't waste time on a sideshow so foolish it makes Kucinich look like a statesman. More....
Unfortunately a foolish sideshow is about all that could be mustered up. Anything other than a sideshow would be difficult when there are some in the RPCC that support Kookcinich and other democrat candidates.

Just like the RPCC misfired on not coming out against the forced Convention Center/MedMart sales tax increase, because of the "social clubs" love for RPCC member Mal Mixon's personal interests & Invacare, the ammunition Dennis supplies will also be a spent shot.

Routinely ignoring the RPCC bylaws - former RPCC Chairman and current member of the Executive & Finance Committee, Roger Synenberg, has actively supported local Cuyahoga democrats for many years. Snakenberg was the person who first spoke on behalf of Rob Frost becoming our chairmen ~ now his open support of democrats works against Frost and our party.
Rino Snakenberg's favorite dem? Dennis Kookcinich! Tubbs-Jones is his second favorite....

From Open Secrets --

SYNENBERG, ROGER 3/29/2007 $1,000 Kucinich, Dennis J
SYNENBERG, ROGER 4/21/2006 $1,000 Kucinich, Dennis J

SYNENBERG, ROGER 8/3/2006 $1,000 Jones, Stephanie Tubbs

Find a good candidate? First we need to learn how to support our current ones!

Finally having a good viable GOP candidate, Lakewood Councilman Ryan Demro, running for the Mayor's seat in Lakewood, we see a great example of how some members of the "social club" show their 'love' for our candidates....

RPCC member showing his true colors -Former interim director of the Executive Committee and current RPCC Parliamentarian, Dave Harbarger (also former Lakewood Mayor) showed how some in our party may not belong.

Hamburger the "social club" blowhard, recently removed the Demro sign from his yard and declared his support for the current democrat Mayor. This would be consistent with Hamburger's former support of Mary Rose Oakar.

So.... it will be difficult for the RPCC to credibly attack Kookcinich when RINO Snakenberg routinely supports him and makes donations enabling him to babble his Anti-American garbage. And instead of developing candidates and getting candidate helpers, you get "Hamburger Helper" - so our party is stuck with few good candidates or we are stuck promoting retread RINO's like Mayor Sutherland for higher office.


  1. Dave Hamburger & Hamburger Helper - Now that's Funny!

  2. king...i actually laughed out loud at this...thanks! it has been a hard day at work and this was the pick-me-up coffee could not give me.

    i thought Jim T. was the parliamentarian the other night...was he just a stand in?????

    anyhow...i am glad i could finally put a face with your name. I want to get in touch with you but cant find a way other than comment, here.

    I am the guy who walked up to you during the discussion of platform at the meeting the other night.

  3. King I was at meeting the other night too. Loved what you had to say about Cleveland Water and regionalizing the area.

    Your challenge of Akers on the point of order was priceless! You are lucky Trakas was there and rule properly on your appeal. Hamburger Helper (I love that name) would have tried intimidation and influence in overruling you. I'm glad Jim did the right thing.

    Stay on 'em King, many are behind you!

    Best of Luck


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