Wednesday, September 12, 2007

West Clermont School District still protecting "Baby Killing" Asst. Principal

The West Clermont School Board met in executive session to decide the fate of their baby killing Asst. Principal, Brenda "Cook your Baby" Nesselroad-Slaby. Superintendent Gary Brooks refused to comment on discussions, but indicated they have not yet reached a decision on what to do.

(Note: Ohio News Now had a link to this last night and this morning, now it is gone and I am unable to find it after several searches.)

It sounds like the school board is continuing to drag their feet because they want to allow Nesselroad-Slaby to keep her job, but are trying to gauge public sentiment. It was reported that there were about 60 parents at the meeting and the sentiment was mixed for and against this baby killing ASSt. Principal.

The actions or better yet, non action, of the school board indicates to me that my feelings about most educators and schools is correct.... They are more worried about their image and themselves than the kids. This decision reeks of political patronage as Nesselroad-Slaby's defense attorney, R. Scott Croswell III, is a Clermont County Commissoner.

If Clermont County Prosecutor, Don White, had any integrity, a hint of decency, balls, or the slightest clue about criminal law, this lady would facing charges of Child Endangering and the school district would have no choice but to fire her.

I have spoken with prosecutors and law directors from several cities in Cuyahoga, Summit, & Lake County, fully aware of White's decision not to charge her because he feels it was an accident and not recklessness or negligence, every single one of them said they would have not thought twice about charging Nesselroad-Slaby with Child Endangering.

To express your outrage over this please contact Glen Estes School (513)947-7700 / Fx (513)753-3462 and Clermont County Prosecutor's Office (513)732-1313 / Fx (513)732-7592

You can also write to the Supreme Court Disciplinary Counsel at...

Office of Disciplinary Counsel
Supreme Court of Ohio
250 Civic Center Drive, Ste. 325
Columbus, Ohio 43215-5454

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  1. Many WC Board members are up for re-election...find out how each one voted and hold their feet to the fire...

  2. She knew her child was suffering in heat hotter than our troops deal with in Iraq (they are provided water) while this "thing" was stuffing donuts in her face?

    For the love of GOD!! Why is she still roaming free?

    Ironically, school officials are responsible for reporting suspected child abuse. Makes you wonder how many times she has had a hand in calling social services on parents of children that were habitually late to school (yes, they do that in the case of excessive tardies).

    And yet they are contemplating this wench keeping her job after killing her 2 year old by locking her in a car for 7 hours?

    and, above all, not prosecuting?

    Time to clean house in Clermont County...and I suggest they use that bytch as the mop.

  3. it seems obvious to me that slaby has friends in high places. but ive heard this week she also has family in high places.i dont know how to investigate this one but i'd say its worth looking at.this woman needs to face the same charges you or i would.and don white needs to go get a life, & stop playing lawyer.

  4. After this whitewash, such a crime can never be prosecuted in Clermont county, and will be hard to prosecute anywhere. I personally know the doctor from Hamilton county who left his kids in the car. Although it was also a crime in his case, I am sure this goes through him like a knife, especially since his kids did not die.


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