Saturday, September 8, 2007

Bin Laden offer solutions to end Iraq War

Another person has figured out how to end the war in Iraq. Another Democrat presidential hopeful? Close it's Osama Bin Laden (No, not Barack Obama). (Click Picture for video)

Bin Laden released a tape for the anniversary of the 9/11 attack by his flying towel heads on the World Trade Center. Before offering his solution, Bin Laden makes his customary attacks on the US & President Bush. Bin Laden says Bush is making the same mistakes the Russians did when they invaded Afghanistan....
"The mistakes of Brezhnev are being repeated by Bush," says Bin Laden on the tape, in a reference to the former Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Reuters reported.

Contrary to most terrorists love for the left, Bin Laden takes a shot at democrats claiming they were not strong enough to stand up to the US corporate powers. In this he compares the democrats to his opinion of that was why JFK was unable to pull out of Vietnam. Obviously not a student of history, JFK actually increased troops in Vietnam.

And the two options Bin Laden gives as a solution for ending the Iraq War.....
"One is from our side, and it is to escalate the fighting and killing against you. This is our duty, and our brothers are carrying it out," bin Laden said.

"The second solution is from your side. ... I invite you to embrace Islam," he said.

One result of that, bin Laden said, would be an end to the Iraq war. He said "warmongering owners of the major corporations" would rush to appease voters who showed they are looking for an alternative, "and this alternative is Islam."

For all the Anti-War, Islam is a peaceful religion idiots, please read the above statement again! If it is difficult to understand I will translate....

If you do not leave Iraq, we will continue killing ANYONE, who does not believe as we do. Your options are; wipe us out or succumb to our will. The alternative to death is embracing Islam!

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