Sunday, September 23, 2007

School unsure of what to do with Brenda "I Killed my Baby" Slaby

The West Clermont School Board continues to drag their feet and refuses to do the right thing in dealing with Asst. Principal Brenda "I Killed My Baby" Slaby....
Batavia, Ohio - A southwest Ohio school board is meeting with its lawyer to get an update on the job status of an assistant principal whose toddler died in the back seat of her SUV last month.

Forty-year-old Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby has been on paid leave since her 2-year-old daughter died while strapped in her car seat for more than seven hours on a day when the temperature reached nearly 100 degrees.

Nesselroad-Slaby is an assistant principal at Glen Este Middle School. West Clermont school officials have not decided whether she will be allowed to return, and they don't expect any decision Friday.

After the meeting, officials with the school district told ONN affiliate,WKRC- Local 12, they had made no formal decision but had "given our attorney the authority to proceed." The official would not elaborate on that statement.
"I Killed My Baby" Slaby should be in jail NOT on paid leave! It is simply amazing that people who are responsible for protecting children, would even think twice about allowing this lady to return to work. Click here for previous posts on the Baby Killing Asst. Principal.

To express your outrage over this please contact Glen Estes School (513)947-7700 / Fx (513)753-3462.

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