Sunday, September 23, 2007

Gay Voters' Guide to the GOP

Salon Magazine has created a GOP Guide for Gay Voters.

The Gay Guide gives descriptions of the GOP candidates with such titles as - Rudy Giuliani: The Party Bender, John McCain: The Almost Agnostic, Fred Thompson: The Third Way, Mitt Romney: The Switch-Hitter....

From Salon --
Imagine this: You are a gay man or a lesbian woman who just can't stand Democrats. Maybe you are rich and you don't want anyone to raise your taxes. Perhaps you are just determined to stay the course in Iraq, privatize Social Security, and drop oil wells into the Alaskan wilderness. Jack Abramoff might even be an old drinking buddy.

What is a right-leaning homosexual to do in this presidential election? Start by taking a closer look at the candidates in the Republican field. There is substantial variation, and not just in their positions on a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. More...

How Gay is this!?!

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