Saturday, September 1, 2007

Degenerate Senator will Step Down

There is really not much more that could be said, that gay Senator Craig has not already said, about the incident of him trying to get a little homo love in a bathroom stall at an airport.

One by one other Republican Senators have been distancing themselves from Craig. Senator John McCain is one who has called for but holding back on their call for his resignation. Many have been waiting for Craig to realize he is a hypocrite and a homo, and make this decision on his own. Well, now he has - sort of....

From ONN --

Idaho Republican Sen. Larry Craig's decision to quit spares his party the embarrassment of an indefinitely prolonged scandal following his arrest during a sex sting in a Minneapolis airport bathroom.

Craig will announce his resignation, effective Sept. 30, at a news conference in Boise Saturday morning, GOP officials in Idaho and Washington told The Associated Press, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Still, opting to wait a month before officially bowing out raises questions of what Craig hopes to accomplish in Washington once the post-Labor Day session begins. More....

Some beltway insiders have alleged Craig is negotiating to become a Democrat, where he knows his degenerate want for bathroom love is accepted and promoted. One insider, who requested to remain anonymous, said that for the 30 days Sen. Craig will remain, for security purposes, the following precautions will be implemented......
  • Secret Service agents will be posted at the door of each stall.

  • Briefcases will be banned from the Men's Room.

  • Robo-Toilets to be installed at all unguarded locations.

  • Pages will be issued Kevlar reinforced underwear.

  • Sen. Craig & the queer Democrat congressman Barney Frank, will not be allowed restroom privilege's at the same time.


  1. you're only half right on barney frank. his a queer, but he is a congressman, not a senator.

  2. oops, you got me! It was early....

    Correction will be made.


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