Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Clermont Co. Prosecutor; Leaving child to bake in SUV - Not Reckless

This an update on a post made about Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby, who left her daughter in an SUV to die.

Feeling it was a tragic accident, Clermont County Prosecutor, Don White, has decided NOT to charge Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby for causing the death of her 2yr old daughter. As White does not feel a crime was committed the facts of this case not be presented to the grand jury.

"Numerous Ohio courts have determined that this definition of reckless conduct encompasses something well beyond accidental occurrence or even negligence," White said. "It is my opinion that the law dictates that no charges be filed."

"She knows that her actions are what caused her child to die, or her lack of attentiveness," White said.

"She'll live with that. And I can't imagine what I could do as a prosecutor to make it any worse for her."

"I can't remember a case that's had this much public response," said White, who has been prosecutor for 19 years. "Most of what we received in writing requested us to consider the fact that she has to live with this the rest of her life.

Currently on paid leave, Nesselroad-Slaby's defense attorney, R. Scott Croswell III, indicates he expects that she will soon return to work at Glen Estes School.

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This is just simply disgusting! So we are to think that... remembering to get doughnuts and forgetting your child in a SUV to bake for 8hrs is not reckless? They will never sell me on that garbage! I thought we are to protect our children.

This women should not be allowed to return to work and possibly harm another child. If she can forget her own child, how safe would you feel leaving your child under her care?

To express your outrage over this please contact Glen Estes School (513)947-7700 / Fx (513)753-3462 and Clermont County Prosecutor's Office (513)732-1313 / Fx (513)732-7592

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  1. It has just come out that this woman has left this baby alone in the car before. She would pick her 5 year old up at day care and leave the baby in the car. The Administrator at Day care admonished her for leaving this child in the car.


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