Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Jihadists warn 'another 9/11 on its way'

Palestinian terror leaders recently sat down with a Jewish reporter from World Net Daily and explained why there have been no more terror attacks in the US and then proceeded to give him "tips" on how the US can win the Iraq War.....

Lesson No. 1: Cease-fires: "Chance to reload"
  • Muhammad Abdel-Al, spokesman and a leader of the Popular Resistance Committees terror group, called truce talks with insurgents "a big victory for the resistance."

Lesson No. 2: Unilateral withdrawal means victory for terror. Evacuated territory will be used to attack you.

  • Former Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades chieftain in Bethlehem Jihad Jaara said an American withdrawal from Iraq would "mark the beginning of the collapse of this tyrant empire (America)."

Lesson No. 3: Rename the "war on terror"

  • Continued Mosaab: "Anyway, you are fighting al-Qaida, which represents Allah's will. You fight for your own materialistic reasons. But al-Qaida and insurgents and the Palestinian resistance is fighting for Allah and is looking to die, to be killed as a shaheed (martyrs).

Lesson No. 4: Islamic terror groups share the same goal

  • But there is one basic fact, and that is all groups have the same goal, and we know that Allah will bring victory to the believers; and I am telling you that you are fighting Allah, not Islam. And Allah is invincible."

Lesson No. 5: Land-for-peace formula is really a terrorist rouse

  • "This is an Islamic land and the Jews are invited to live in Palestine and the Muslims will guaranty their safety and honor. … Members of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah group, deemed "moderate" by the U.S., stated any land-for-peace deal with Israel is only a temporary machination to further their goal of destroying the Jewish state.
"One should understand an attack, a big one like September 11, demands a lot of time to plan. Therefore, this is not the American occupation in Afghanistan and Iraq that is preventing the next attack, which I think is only a question of time," said Ramadan Adassi, leader of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror group in the Asqar refugee camp in the West Bank. More....

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  1. Maybe it would be easier for Americans to understand if we put it in terms they "get".

    If the Crips came to your neighborhood and started a rampage of killing and burning down businesses and homes would you:

    A. Negotiate a "land for peace" deal?

    B. Continue to try to work out a cease fire so you can negotiate other terms with them?

    C. Join the "Crips" because they will kill you if you don't?

    D. Invite and support another gang in your neighborhood because they are not the "Crips"; however have just as deadly a reputation?

    E. Try to sympathize that they dealing with “anger and animosity" and are a product of a "hard life because of the injustices capitalism"?

    F. Kill or incarcerate each and everyone of the lil’ bastards until your neighborhood was safe again?

    A-E has never worked. Not in a neighborhood, city, state, country or between countries.

    "F" stands for FREEDOM, mi amigo; you want it, ya' gotta fight for it.


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