Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Local Students to Fly High

I knew this day would come. I finally get to post about the High Power Rocketry. Just imagine the rockets we built as kids, but for grown ups!

While I do this for fun, (Fun; spending hours building something to watch it blow up, drift away, or crash.... sometimes!) there are many educational opportunities for children and adults in this hobby. Having completed a 1/4 scale Patriot Missile, I am hoping to soon get my NAR Level 1 Certification.

A group of local students from will be participating in ARLISS: A Rocket Launch for International Student Satellites. The students will travel to the Black Rock Desert in NV with their home made pop can satellite and launch it over 10,000 feet into the sky.

From the PD --
The students are part of SEMAA, which stands for Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Aerospace Academy. SEMAA began at Cuyahoga Community College in 1993 in partnership with NASA Glenn. There are now 14 SEMAAs nationwide, all supervised by NASA Glenn.

SEMAA was founded to help girls and minorities, but it takes all comers. Its 1,000 students per year currently represent private and public schools in six counties.

Black Rock Desert could be considered the "Promise Land" to launch rockets. Helping ARLISS with this event is the Association of Experimental Rocketry of the Pacific (AERO-PAC).

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