Thursday, September 6, 2007

Killer "Mother of the Year" routinely left children in car

Regarding a comment on my last post about Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby, the Asst. Principal who left her 2yr daughter in her SUV to bake for 8 hrs. The comment was that this was not the first time this "Mother of the Year" left her children unattended in the car....

In the reports, on August 25, Detective Sgt Blankenship writes: "based on past review of cases involving unattended children, research, training, professional knowledge, and after review of this case in its entirety, I believe sufficient evidence exists to support a charge of Endangering Children, a felony of the third degree."

Two days later, Chief Zinser and Lt Gaviglia agreed with the recommended charge. More....

Acknowledging the above recommendations from the police dept and aware that Nesselroad-Slaby routinely left her children unattended in her automobile, the Clermont County dunderhead, Prosecutor Don White, still feels abandoning your child in an SUV to die, but remembering doughnuts on the seat next her for school meetings, is not reckless and does not show intent.

As disgusting as this CRIME was, some of the latest news regarding Clermont County Prosecutor are equally disturbing. White prosecuted a man by the name of Jerry Bittner for committing the very same offense in 2001. Dave at NixGuy elaborates more in this....

Cincinnati Black Blog feels the law licenses of Don White and defense attorney, R. Scott Croswell III should be suspended. Noting that Croswell is a Clermont County Commissioner, I could not agree more.....

Here's the problem. Counties in Ohio are governed by a three-member Board of County Commissioners. The Department of Jobs & Family Services is responsible for investigating and initiating action against parents accused of child abuse. This county department answers to the Commission.

The Prosecuting Attorney is independently elected. By law, the prosecutor represents the Commission in all civil legal issues. Said another way, the prosecutor serves as the Commissioners' attorney.
My gut tell me it will only be a matter of time before a connection will be made between Nesselroad-Slaby, White & Croswell.


A comment was left asking people to write to the Supreme Court Disciplinary Counsel at...

Office of Disciplinary Counsel
Supreme Court of Ohio
250 Civic Center Drive, Ste. 325
Columbus, Ohio 43215-5454

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  1. It's also convenient that Croswell is married to a sitting Clermont county judge, Juvenile/Probate Court Judge, Stephanie Wyler. The connection is always low key, any bio of Croswell says he lives with his wife and their four kids but NEVER says who she is.

    I did read on the forum where someone said that Don White, through his private practice represents the Wyler dealer group.

    If Slaby is never charged, hopefully, if anything good at all comes from this, people will remember how precious their children are and how totally they depend on their parents AND maybe, just maybe, the good old boy network that exists in Clermont county will be exposed and cleaned up.


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