Sunday, September 16, 2007

OK to use Taser on Americans - Not Illegals

Here is another case of the backwards thinking of the Korrectniks in our country that we are forced to deal with....

The U.S. Office of Detention and Removal Operations issued a new policy where it is OK to use Tasers to control inmates who are U.S. citizens but not the bandito, peach picking inmates who are in the country illegally.

Not wanting to be bad hosts, this policy also stipulates that illegals must be given "beds" not "pads." Any facility holding illegals must adhere to this policy if they want to continue receiving reimbursement for housing illegals.

One Colorado Sheriff, Summit County Sheriff John Minor, who's facility houses illegals has told them to take their money and stick it -

"I figure if it's good enough for an American citizen to get Tased, it's good enough for an illegal alien to get Tased if they get out of line," Minor said.

"If we were an ICE contract facility, they would require me to tell my deputies they can't have Tasers," he said. "My response is, 'Have a nice day....

GOP candidate for president, Tom Tancredo, R-Colo. is speaking up over these insane restrictions detention facilities are being forced to deal with if they house illegals and expect to receive federal funding.
"I think most citizens would think it extremely bizarre for the federal government to say that Tasers must never be used on an illegal alien when their use is legal for citizens," Tancredo said. "I hope that DRO will pull back from any effort to impose its 'Taser rule' on jails operated by local law enforcement.

"I also have other questions about the DRO detention standards imposed on local jail facilities," Tancredo said in his letter. "Where in federal law or regulations is it mandated that illegal aliens held in custody must have an assigned 'bed' rather than a 'pad' when the use of pads is legal for U.S. citizens? Why is there different standard for the accommodation of illegal aliens than for citizens?"

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  1. ...or we could keep tasering the people that go to Kerry events and ask long 'speech like' questions.


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