Saturday, September 15, 2007

Crocodile Tears: Baby Killing Mom Speaks

When the story on Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby, the Asst. Principal who left her baby to bake in her SUV, first broke my initial thoughts were that this women, committed one of the worst crimes possible.... she effected the death of her child.

The thought of a helpless baby screaming for her mom, struggling to get out of her baby seat as she baked to death inside her mom's 100 degree SUV for 8hrs outraged me. I thought this is impossible, it couldn't be an accident - she had to do it on purpose. Now I am convinced!

Nesselroad-Slaby's supporters and defense attorney, Clermont County Commissioner R. Scott Croswell, have called this tragedy a terrible accident. Overruling the police department, ignoring her conflicting statements and refusing to acknowledge prior incidents, dunder head Clermont County Prosecutor Don White, also considered this an accident & not negligence or reckless citing - "that's the reason no charges were filed."

Taking into account Nesselroad-Slaby's conflicting statements to police, school security video, returning to her vehicle twice and being warned on several previous occasions about leaving her children unattended I felt she should have been at least charged with Child Endangering.

Forgetting your 2 yr old for 8hrs to bake in an SUV is not an accident in my opinion it is nothing short of negligence. My ex can give a long list of "parental accidents" I had when Little King was 2 years old- giving a bath and getting soap in his eyes, wrong sippie cup, wrong "Wiggles" tape, giving him two baby ducks one Easter (I spent a lot of nights on the couch for that one!), and something that happened every time I tried to change a diaper, which was not often.

Nesselroad-Slaby's is now talking about the death of her daughter and quite frankly, her statements make me want to puke!

"Live for the positive and work through negative, that's what I've done every day at that job," Nesselroad-Slaby said in an interview published Friday. "If they would let me, I'd love to go back."

"I feel like the staff needs me in that job," she said. "I serve a purpose. Kevin Thacker, principal of Glen Este Middle School) and I are opposites, so we complement each other."

"No one can ever imagine what it's like to pull your baby out of the car like that," she said. "I knew she was gone. My life will never be the same."

"I don't know how you punish somebody for something that was an accident," Nesselroad-Slaby said. "A law is to prevent something, but you can't prevent something that's an accident."

"I felt like I had to be super-mom and super-administrator," she said. "I talked to people at lunch that day about my kids, and it didn't even click" that her daughter was in the vehicle, Nesselroad-Slaby said.

"I know it was an accident. I know it was a mistake," she said. "But as a mother, it's something you never forget. Mothers want to protect their children."

"I love my kids more than life itself. It was a horrible accident. ... I don't know how it happened. It will live with me forever." ....Nesselroad-Slaby said, "No one will ever be able to understand what happened - because I never will myself."

In an interview with police, Nesselroad-Slaby told a detective, "I was trying to be everything to everybody, and I failed my daughter."

No Brenda, you didn't fail her.... you KILLED her!


  1. Negligent Homicide: is a charge brought against persons, who by inaction, allow others under their care to die. This offense mostly concerns itself with the death of small infants or children, the handicapped, or the elderly.

    What is wrong with this picture??

  2. This is an outrage.

    Let’s take a look at the facts:

    Mom left her two year old baby girl 8 hours in a locked car, the heat was over 100 degrees.

    Mom went back to her car to get donuts for a meeting, and knowingly left her child in the car, AGAIN.

    Mom has been warned before about this exact behavior.

    The baby girl suffered from hyperthermia, the heat so hot her skin blistered, and eventually died.

    Perspective: The heat that this child endured during her last hours of life was hotter than that our troops in Iraq deal with, and they are adults, provided water and have medical personnel available to assist.

    That baby girl was left all alone to die a horrible death, all the while wondering where Mommy was.

    Any questions as to why this woman hasn’t been charged with Negligent Homicide? Please forward them to the Clermont County Commissioners:

    Bob Proud President, Clermont County Commissioner

    Mary Walker VP Clermont County Commissioner

    Scot Lahrmer 2007 Clermont County Commissioner.

    David L. Spinney 2007 Clermont County Administrator.

    R. Scott Croswell III 2007 Clermont County Commissioner.

    Apparently, there is no discernable way to contact the Principal of Glen Este Middle School, and they took down Nesselroad-Slaby’s picture and contact info as well. Not one to be let down by these small obstacles;

    Glen Este Middle School
    4342 Glen Este Withamsville Road
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45245
    (513) 947-7700
    Fax (513)753-3462

    If you are in the Clermont County area: West Clermont Local School Board Meeting –

    Monday, September 24 at 7pm @ the Union Township Civic Center.

    And, last but not least, there is no way to contact the Clermont Prosecutors Office. Hhhhmmmm, who would have thought that Lawyers would be hiding behind Politicians?

  3. after much searching:

    Prosecutor Donald W. White Elected: 2004
    Term Ends: 1/4/2009
    Phone: (513) 732-7313

    Clermont Commissioners:

    (513) 732-7300 phone
    (513) 732-7826 fax


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