Monday, September 3, 2007

Mexican President lashes out at US Immigration Policy

Feeling they support our economy more than they take away jobs from Americans, Mexican President Felipe Calderon, is again lashing out against US immigration policies.

Calderon is criticizing our policies because it has slowed the flow of US dollars being sent home by illegal Mexican immigrants. Angling for sympathy, he notes that because of the increase in immigration raids, many US born children are divided from their families when their illegal immigrant parents are sent back south of the border.

In his State of the Nation speech Calderon champions the rights of illegal immigrants and implies the US is obligated to help Mexico become a major international player.....

"We strongly protest the unilateral measures taken by the US congress and government that have only persecuted and exacerbated the mistreatment of Mexican undocumented workers," he said.

"The insensitivity toward those who support the US economy and society has only
served as an impetus to reinforce the battle … for their rights."

He said the US and Mexico needed to work together to develop "the region's enormous potential".

"We need to create a strong, winning Mexico that is sure of itself," he said. "Mexico's challenge is being able to strengthen its international position." More...

Let's see if anybody ever heard this story....

A poor or under developed country, infested with corruption, failing infrastructure, lack of jobs, economy, and basic education system, etc... appeals to the bleeding hearts of our country. We give billions in aid and technology to help these poor unfortunate souls. You know the drill, poor Paco or Hop Sing can't read, has no food, is living in squalid conditions not fit for an animal, so here we come to the rescue!

Over time this country begins turning itself around, they begin competing in the global market with US companies. Having workers that can live on $20 for a month, in comparison to us paying $6.75 for a beer at Jacobs Field, companies start outsourcing to these places for cheap labor.

Having forgot companies are in business to make money and not support employees, the same people that wanted too help these countries are now screaming they are taking our jobs.

Now back to the ruler of the peach pickers....

Insensitivity towards those who support the US economy and society? He must be kidding!

Calderon feels illegal immigrants in the US have rights. WRONG! They are here illegally and have only one right. That is the right to be sent back across the border! They are not citizens of the US so they should be afforded any rights under our founding documents.

It is not the responsibility of the US to do anything for Mexico. It is the responsibility of the US to keep our border secure and stop the infiltration of illegal immigrants taking our jobs and committing crimes. We have enough crime already, we don't need help from outside sources that have no right to be here.

The Americans for Legal Immigration Pac (ALI-PAC) notes that in Operation Predator sweeps conducted since July 2003 across this country, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents nabbed over 8,500 foreign national child molesters and rapists.

Children being born to illegal immigrant parents....

Yes, this is unfortunate that families are split up because of increased immigration raids. Solving this problem is easy because they do not need to be split up. The illegal immigrant parents can take their US born children back to Mexico or whatever country they came from. Being a US born citizen, when the child reaches 18, they can return, legally, to the US.

There problem solved!


  1. hey king,
    i have a solution: have mexico take one of our welfare citizens who dont want to work for every one of their citizens that we take that do want to work.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment...

    Brilliant Idea! Maybe we could start negotiations with two of ours for one of theirs.

    For this great idea, when I am President you can be my Head Border Dude!


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