Sunday, September 2, 2007

Girlieman of the Week: Sen. Larry Craig

Girlieman of the Week

Date Awarded: August 31, 2007

Girlieman: Senator Larry Craig
Antics: Continuous caterwauling

By now, we’ve all heard more than we want, or need, about this political non-entity. The facts are quite simple and, despite all his bloviating, not in question. Larry got caught playing footsie with a cop in a public restroom at the Minneapolis airport. He flashed all those secret GLAAD BAAG signs that mean "let’s get it on, big boy". He tried to bluff is way out by flashing his U.S. Senator credentials. He tried to deny that he’d been caught fair and square. He pioneered a bold and brainless defense called the "wide stance" defense. He whined...he argued...he parsed words...he eventually pleaded guilty to a bullcrap charge of disorderly conduct. He did all that, then tried to bury the incident.

For waiting 2 months to own up to his bathroom antics...for waiting until the News Nitwits had him twisting in the wind before he got ‘outraged’...for failing to ‘man up’ at any point in this farce...for being a gutless wonder in every possible way, U.S. Senator Larry Craig is PIG’s Girlieman of the Week.

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