Sunday, September 9, 2007

Stripper / Anti-Business Petition short on Signatures

The petitions for the referendum to have SB 16 (Stripper Bill) put on the ballot does not have enough signatures.

Citizens for Community Standards, needing 241,366 signatures to force this law on the ballot, turned in over 350,000 signatures. I have been informed after being checked, they will be 25,000 signatures short. This means they need to collect approx. 75,000 - 100,000 signatures in ten days.

If you are a registered voter and want to sign or circulate an online petition CLICK HERE.

Under the guise of Christianity & morality, the theocratic, fascist group responsible for pushing this anti-business & anti-stripper bill into law is Citizens for Community Values. The leader, Phil "Monkey Spank" Burress, is an admitted 25 year porn addict....

At 14, he said, he found a pornographic magazine on the roadside and became 0bsessed with seeing more. Every chance he got, he said, he drove into Cincinnati to buy, and sometimes steal, magazines or videos.

Over the next two decades, he had four daughters from two marriages. But he says his obsession with the raunchy fantasy world of pornography ruined both marriages and drove him away from religion.

"I was living a double life," he said.

Was addicted? Was leading a double life?

It sounds like Mr. "Bone Bopper" Burress still has his porn addiction, along with many moral and Christianity problems of his own.

Tired of having to "shave his palms" and knowing he may go "blind", instead of looking at porn himself, the pervert now gets off making his wife read porn and write about it for him......

Mrs. Burress says she understands pornography's destructive power...... she will watch the adult videos and read the adult magazines, then write summaries for her husband so he can speak to groups, lobby legislators or persuade prosecutors.

"I don't even look at it," Mr. Burress says. "We understand each other," she says. "We both have a passion for this."

Since Phil's urge to "pound away" overtakes him if he looks at anything remotely "sexually suggestive," does this mean mini skirts, shorts, and bikinis are next on his list? Will he push for burqua's next?

So now that we have established the hypocritical Holy Roller is a stumbling block and an enabler for his wife, we will move to his inability to be truthful. It seems Burress cannot be expected to be truthful about much of anything he says. jjj

Actually Burress has a penchant for creating his own version of the truth....

"It's a lie that condoms prevent all sexually transmitted diseases anyway. People should be educated about that and practice abstinence." But there is little impartial evidence of measurable benefits from abstinence-only policies, say scientists.

Burress pointed to a 2001 National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases report showing that condoms aren't effective in preventing the spread of the human papillomavirus (HPV). But, according to the NIAID report, condoms are considered effective against unwanted pregnancy (86 to 97 percent), HIV/AIDS (85 percent) and gonorrhea in men (49 to 74 percent).

Just like the above distortion of the truth, the campaign CCV has waged against CCS and the forcing of SB 16 down our spineless legislators throats has been built on lies. If allowed to go into effect, this law would be a devastating blow to an approximate $250 million dollar industry. This law would have a negative impact on much more than just strippers.

So please do not be intimidated by this hypocritical Holy Roller and his attack on our First Amendment Right to Free Speech. Because YOU may very well be his next target!

Now how about signing that petition?


  1. Great post - keep up the heat on this issue!

    CCV is nothing more than a bunch of hypocrites, and they are lying through their teeth concerning this issue.

  2. Thanks Vike! Nice to hear from you again.

    This guy is a nut job and a religous zealot. He has been quated as saying he wants a Christian Army!

    I have a strong belief in God and am Catholic and feel the decay of the moral fiber in our country is one of the main reasons we are at where we are today.

    But come on Strip Clubs? Shaking hands illegal? For a normal guy these places are harmless!

    Bet closing down at midnight will be a great draw for the conventioneers that come to the Convention Center/MedMart our communist Cuyahoga Co. Commissioners are forcing on us.

    I have seen much worse happen in neighborhood bars. I have seen many marriages broken up over a few beers at the corner bar.

    I know of a club that has been around for awhile. I am confident that the record would reflect there are less police calls to this establishment than many of the regular bars in that city. I believe in most cases of other clubs, this would also hold true.

    Strip Clubs are already held to very strict standards by the State and Liquor Control not to mention any local zoning and/or laws.

    The attack from this guy on the booty bouncing capitalists is outrageous. That some fellow conservatives would support these lies is incredible.

    The kindergarten no touching rule is what I love best....

    I tell you whar if Burress checked the dance floor at a popular nightclub on a weekend he would see more touching there than he ever would at a strip club.

    Anyway,I hope you signed the petition and will ask you to please forward this post to everyone you know.



  3. You hit it on the nose. These are the same people that have been spreading the crap that mandatory vaccination against HPV (to be given to females from 10-25) is promoting promiscuity among girls and women.

    Never mind that 70% of women are infected with HPV by the age of 75 and 90% of all cervical cancer cases are related to infection by HPV. Thousands of women in the U.S. die from cervical cancer every year.

    I will sign the petition and thank you for bringing it to my attention.


  4. Thanks Weazel your the best!

    Thanks for a conservative womens point of view!

    Everyone thinks all conservatives and/or republicans support this nut job, which WE know is not true.

    Please forward this to everyone you know.

    Oh BTW... I think were are up to at least three drinks now!

  5. Thanks for passing this on King.

    I printed a petition and am bringing it to work.

    Boobs & Beer are like Baseball & Apple Pie - Both the American past time!

  6. I'm ready for a drink or three!! I am imagining a cool mojito as I type this....

    It is time that we call the B.S. when we see it. The last thing the conservatives need to be linked to are these nutjobs.

    I still can't believe that this man "makes" his wife watch porn and "report on it" to him. Sick, sick, sick.

    Isn't that putting her at risk for the same addiction? Or does he think that women are not of a sexual nature, therefore unable to be entertained by porn?

    Either way, he comes up looking like the jackass he is.

  7. OH the poor strippers! Tell them to get a real job.

    What do you get a free table dance for helping them?

    Who cares if these places get closed down for good.

  8. I personally don't care if they are shut down.

    I do care HOW they get shut down. Some man with a porn addiction, and his minions, shouldn't be able to sway our ever-so-yellow-bellied legislative branch.

    I am a Christian that comes from the realization that not everyone is a Christian and every Christian doesn't come from the same school of thought on every issue. If I expect everyone to adhear to my values and rules as a Christian, then I am no better than the Islamofacists running around demanding everyone to "embrace Islam".

    It's called Freedom of Speech.

    It's called Freedom of Religion.

    Hmmm, I seem to recall those terms as part of the foundation of the United States of America and Democracy.

    And, even though I admit that women are sexual in nature; seeing that I am a straight woman, No, a lap dance isn't an incintive.

    However I will stand in defense of these women: any woman with the guts to deal with men oogling them every night as they are dancing semi dressed?

    Hell, I'd rather be in Iraq.

  9. king...congratulations on being on the side of buckeye state blog! good job, pal!

    Please don't try and play both sides of the fence...that is, don't make "strong...beliefs...moral fiber...," BS quotes. Stay on one side of this stuff or the other.

    I would respect your stance more that way.

  10. Michael,

    Thanks for reading the post and taking the time to comment. I hope you signed the petition. If not, there is a link where you can get one.

    As for your comment...

    I am not on anybody's side except on my side. You will NEVER see me play both sides of the fence. But I am friendly with Jerid and my pal the one and only God of Plunder (EV).

    I will stand up for what I believe is right. Right meaning the correct thing. If you have not noticed in my posts I am very harsh on hypocrites from within the GOP. I don't and will never subscribe to any party line bullshit. It is not me and never will be me.

    I could care a less about what anybody else thinks. Anyone that knows me will tell you this is true. (E.G. Posts on Bob Bennett, Sen. Craig, Floury, RPCC Platform, etc...)

    My reference to strong beliefs... moral fiber.... is exactly what I meant. But shutting down strip clubs at midnight has nothing to do with either.

    The other intent of these references was that as Holy as this guy is, he is a religious hypocrite and a liar. By having his wife look at porn for him, he is acting as an "enabler" and being a "stumbling block" for her. These are things a Christian is not supposed to do.

    Furthermore, isn't Christianity supposed to be about love and acceptance& helping your fellow man or woman? In the most hateful and deceitful way this man will be harming many. Again he is being hypocritical!

    I made that statement to reflect that not ALL conservatives agree with this idiot! So stating I have a strong belief in God does not mean I am Holy Roller either. It comes from a strong Italian/Catholic upbringing. To be honest, I am far from a Holy Roller.

    SO how does that statement qualify as playing both sides?

    It has everything to do with - Freedom of Speech, and stopping a religious zealot. This guy has stated he wants to form a Christian Religious Army.

    I will not sit by with my thumbs up my ass and have some "Twinkie twister" dictate to me what he thinks is right.

    I am tired of typing so I will not even get into the negative economic impact this law, if allowed to pass, will have.

    Damn, I need to believe sin can be forgiven, St. Pete has a two volume book on me.

    Not to be rude, for you respecting my stance, if you do you do, if not - OH Well! I will continue to do what I think is right!

    Actually I know a couple ladies that if they gave Burress a table dance he would be screaming "OH GOD" at the top of his lungs! The best thing is they are probably smarter than him!

    With that and since today is my birthday, I think I am will go have a shot at my local Gentlemen’s Club.


  11. Good for you, King!

    The Party line was supposed to be "less government" and "more personal freedom." Now I'm a RINO if I don't 'tow the line' (aka, become a mindless drone/parrot that continually repeats the rhetoric and agrees with all they say).

    The Party has been hijacked by the Holier than Thou crowd, the foundation has been lost, and now we have lost our "sight picture, sight alinement" as we use to say in the Corps (marksmanship term).

    Additionally, we have our weakass legislative branch "jerking the trigger" because they are afraid to stand against anyone that raises their voice and includes 'religion' or 'God' in their speech.

    Your also right in another regard; what is next on the chopping block? Am I not going to beable to watch something on TV because it is "too racey"? Burning books? Blocked internet sites because it has "adult content"? If my son, when he becomes a teenager, manages to get his hands on a nude rag, am I going to have the moral police at my door?

    When is there enough "moral guidance from our legislative branch"? (somewhat of an oximoron, if you think about it)

    It's a slippery slope, thank you, King for fighting even if it means pissing off the "holier than thous".



    p.s. we still on for drinks on Sat?

  12. I want to dance 4 king!

  13. This is disgusting. These poor girls are forced to parade around nude for money. Nothing good will come from this sinful behavior.

    Mr. Burress is not a liar and you owe him an apology!

  14. Yeah, and with all the back bone of a anonmous post, I can tell you are a really stauch supporter.

    By the way, those "poor girls" are making more money than I did as a Staff Sergeant in the USMC.

    And I don't see a gun to their head..that would be kidnapping, wouldn't it?

    Unfortunately, Mr. Burress isn't lying. He only has his wife "studying porn" and making reports for him to read so he can report on them to people who already know what porn is and pretty much the gist of what is included in the mix.

    Sounds alot like voyerism under the disguise of "Christian Investigative Work" to me.

    I am a Christian. That crap will never come into my home. I will not go to a strip club. I can look at anyone and say how I feel about it without having somone I love, let alone who is also a Christian, investigate it to tell me what it is all about. (and I never had the "porn addict" experiance, to boot).

    No, your right, Mr Burress is not a liar; he is pathetic.

  15. I just mailed mine.


Don't be scared!