Sunday, September 16, 2007

Rolaid Theft Ring led by Seneca County Commissioner

I am still trying to figure out if I should shake my head in disbelief or laugh at the stupidity of this one....

Seneca County Commissioner Michael Bridinger was arrested in Tiffin, OH at an IGA store for stealing - ROLAIDS!

Police reports indicate this has happened at least three times since the beginning of September. Shocked yet? Wait it gets better!Commissioner Humdinger has a reputation around town for being the "Rolaids Thief."

After hearing the "Rolaid Thief" was caught, other prior incidents of his antacid antics began to surface. A manager at the local Circle K, Brenda Reinhart, said recognizing the commissioner when he would pull up, they routinely readied themselves for the heavy hoister of heartburn heaven....

"At least three or four of us who saw it happen and just couldn't believe it. We were blown away by it," said Reinhart. "It happened, I bet you, a couple time a week for a long period of time."

Reinhart says she would watch Bridinger in the store, and tip the other clerks that he had stolen something.

"I was down the aisle and I just gave [the other clerk a signal,]" said Reinhart. "When he came up to the counter, [the other clerk asked] 'Is there anything else?' He said no, and she said, 'Would you like to pay for the Rolaids you put in your pocket?'"

"He took them out and said, 'Oh, yeah,' and paid for them," said Reinhart.
Commissioner Humdinger has plead Not Guilty and is awaiting trial. Dismissing security video from the store, his defense attorney is dismissing the account as rumor and innuendo.

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