Friday, September 21, 2007

Girlieman of the Week - Bobby Fish

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Girlieman of the Week
Date Awarded: September 21, 2007

Girlieman: Bob Fish
Girlie Antics: Changed company name to appease Korrectniks

Together with a partner, Bobby started his outpost of coffee wrangling capitalism in 1995. Since then, the Michigan-based chain of coffeehouses has grown to 77 stores in Michigan and 8 other states. The growth is thrilling for chief executive Bobby who, no doubt, dreams of a Starbucks class coffee wrangling empire. Eager to branch out, Bobby is trying to anticipate any problems. He thinks he found one, and it’s the firm’s name: Beaner’s Coffee.

Beaner’s Coffee works just fine for me, but Bobby is feeling girlie and furtive about it these days. I might see his point if he was being hammered by outraged Sombrero Stompers who find the name egregiously insulting, but that isn’t the case. There have been some ‘inquiries’ about the name by busybodies who wonder if Beaner’s Coffee knows about that other use of the term ‘beaner’.

Did Bobby shrug it off and find a way to turn a potential insult into a humorous ‘badge of honor’? Nope. Going girlieman right down to his wadded silk panties, Bobby is risking all that he’s built up under the Beaner’s Coffee brand by changing the name to "Biggby Coffee": "That just doesn't really fall within our mission to have a name that is derogatory. We felt it was important to do the right thing and change the name." (Bobby as quoted by AP).

For surrendering to Korrectness without a fight, when nobody was pressuring him...for squandering a golden free publicity bonanza that would ensue from a Ethnocrat whine-a-thon against ‘Beaner’s Coffee’...for being a cringing cretin who needs to grow a pair, Bobby Fish is the Politically Incorrect Gazette’s Girlieman of the Week.

-- Hambo once again does a fine job of grinding up these cavers to Korrectness like this Balless Barista Bobby Fish.

Go check out PIG's weekly Golden Oink Awards.... where they bestow this prestigious honor on the Witty and the Witless, Morons, Miscreants, Misfits, Human Gene Pool Volunteers, the rule makers and rule breakers. Hambo also touches on the GREAT new concept of "term limited" marriages.

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