Friday, September 28, 2007

Recall Drive on for Pepper Pike Mayor Bruce Akers

I wanted to post on a great find by Jill at WLST about RINO Mayor Bruce Akers of Pepper Pike. Jill found a site that is actively promoting the recall of Akers.

This is pretty funny.... although his Platform of Defeat he presented to the RPCC was finally approved at our meeting the other night, it was not without abuse. The Akers "Platform of Defeat" was tabled in the first meeting, at the recent meeting most of the platform was stripped of Akers RINO ideas and allowed to pass.

Now with Jill's post about the recall site, we find there are people, other than rank & file RPCC members, that think Akers needs to go......

Sponsored by Larry Sheldon

600 votes signatures are all that are necessary to put this on the ballot

That's 15 people getting 40 signatures each - do you know 40 dissatisfied residents?

Click HERE to view the flyer - feel free to print it and distribute it to your friends and neighbors!
Click here to go to the site.


  1. Oh you are going to get me in such trouble! Now the city will never pick up my garbage! ;)

    Enjoy. Better yet - find out who started that site!

  2. Oh = one teeny favor - can you replace the link you have with one to the post on the new URL:

    Thank you!!

  3. Where do I sign up?

    I am not a Pepper Pike resident, however since he is a part of the Republican-Cuyahoga-NEEDS-A-Higher-Sales-Tax-Clan, Akers has to go.

    ...and the sooner the better.

  4. Hey Weazel!

    I won't attempt to speak for the residents of Pepper Pike, but on the surface I do believe the widening of the area mentioned does sound like a good detail. Again, I do not know and have not researched the details.

    As for Akers and our party....

    He appears to be a "nice guy" BUT people in our party need to realize this nice guy should NOT be considered a leader of our party. With his views he SHOULD NOT be put in positions of leadership setting the future of our party.

    That said, there is no reason he cannot still be a PART of our party. His views and opinions DO have a place at the table and should be discussed, as does everyone's in our party.

    A perfect example of this is the two meetings we had for our platform. Akers took a pretty sound beating. While generated by the Platform Committee, run by Akers & Sutherland, his moderate views touched every portion of the platform or his actions were against what the platform proposed. Simply put it is hypocritical to promote lower taxes when you supported the recent forced sales tax increase by the communist Kuyahoga Kounty Kommissioners.

    Even though I took my shots at Akers, I felt bad for the guy. Even though I challenged him on the floor and after the meeting about his regionalism proposals, I felt bad for him.

    So Akers can stick around and help make change in the party, but just not as a leader, but as a piece of the puzzle we try to build. All the pieces are needed, unfortunately we need to take apart the current puzzle as it is put together wrong and has many of the wrong pieces in the wrong spots.

    Some of us are going to "Shake UP" the box, and put the Akers piece where it belongs. Hopefully Akers will feel his new position in the puzzle is a good fit - if not, then we throw the Akers piece out and find or make a new one!


  5. Ya' know...I have been told time and time again that "Demora is a nice guy" or "Dennis is a nice guy" or....ok, nobody has ever told me that Sherrod was a nice guy.

    However, nice or not, if you are ruining the area around you due to poor leadership and piss poor decision making, then ya' gotta go.

    I don't feel bad for him. He is a big boy and made the decison to stand against the very basic foundation of Republicans: LOWER TAXES. For that alone he deserved the beating.

    I am tired of the Republican party being for sale by the man with the money and a plan...a plan that includes his own company's interest, not that of the party or the residents. (and that P.o.S. is one of my esteemed brethern from the Corps).

    I am tired of paying taxes for a county that is ran by a couple of whiney little f's that throw a temper tantrum when they are questioned about their actions.

    I am tired of incompetent brainless politicians being allowed to carry on because of their "great personality".

    I want to curse and cuss so bad it hurts...but I will leave it at this: Let's make make them feel the heat so maybe, just maybe, they will get out of the kitchen.

    wanna catch a drink on saturday?

  6. Weazel -

    I think if you reread what I said, it is very clear... the RINOS and social club members can step aside or be moved aside. If they want to be involved - fine, but it will no longer be in leadership positions.

    If the party has a hard time accepting that this shit will not be tolerated anymore, then they to will be moved aside.

    While I may think someone is nice, I have no problem turning up the heat. If forced we can leave the gas on and blow the damn thing up - the choice is theirs, but the cooking IS going to change.

    Drink depends on rain... If it rains before Friday - I GOTTA GO Steelhead fishing Sunday morning.


  7. My comment:

    This fellow Akers sound a lot like Mayor Marlene B. Anielski of Walton Hills. In fact, it sounds like she learned her mayoral skill sitting on his lap! Mr King, you should nominate Anielski to sit on the Kuyahoga Kounty Republican Party Central Committee since you are such a fan.



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