Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another McFoul for McFaul

Cuyahoga County Sheriff Gerald McFaul is facing more questions of possible misconduct during his time in office. The ever vigilant PD has again show they are right on top of things by obtaining 23 yr old tapes in which McFaul is heard instructing a potential witness against him in a sexual harassment case how to avoid being served a subpoena.

When confronted with these recordings, our old enough to fart dust Sheriff acknowledged it was his voice on the tapes...
"That sounds like me," McFaul said. "I had a stronger voice then. I'd say that's my voice."

McFaul recognized the woman's voice on the tape and named her. He declined to listen to the entire tape but confirmed it was him talking to the woman. He said he could not remember the details.

"I don't recall this, really," he said. "How far back? My memory's blank now."

A Cuyahoga County elected official having a blank mind... now that's news - right?

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