Saturday, February 28, 2009

More Democrats looking at Voinovich's Seat

The democrats looking to take the Senate seat held by Senator George Voinovich, who will be retiring when his term is up, are coming out of the woodwork. The two known Democrats for this seat are - Lt. Governor Lee Fisher and SecRATary of State Jennifer Brunner. Rev. Strickland has publicly endorsed his flunky Fisher.

Now tossing their hat in the ring for the democrats is the former vice-Mayor of Cincy - State Representative Tyrone K. Yates (D-33rd District). Also, Cuyahoga County Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones, a former State Rep., is showing his interest and has started a 527 named - Peter Lawson Jones for America.

With hardly any name recognition outside their hometowns, I doubt either of these guys could even be considered a serious challenger against Fisher or Brunner - but it will make the democrat primary for Voinovich's seat interesting and enjoyable to watch.

While I did not vote for him, Peter Lawson Jones is the one Cuy. Co. Commissioner who has consistently voted against much of the BS being shoveled here. Though I would not want him as our Senator.

On the Republican side, I believe Rob Portman is the only declared candidate. John Kasich has not declared his intentions of running for this seat or for Governor. Many in our party want Kasich as Governor - I think he would be good in either position.

And lastly, a couple weeks ago I heard a blurb on the radio that Tom Ganley of the Ganley Car Dealerships has voiced some interest for the seat. Outside of Cuyahoga County, Ganley would face the same name recognition problems as PLJ and Yates.


  1. It would nice to convince Ganley to run for something in Cuyahoga county. His name recognition, his business acumen, and his ability to begin financing a campaign with his own money = a great shot at winning in Cuyahoga. Not sure if he has any interest.

  2. Hi Joe - thanks for commenting.

    Ganley for Commissioner sounds very good. Even with no political background - he is a far better candidate than our last commish candidate.

    While Sutherland worked very hard, and she should be commended for her hard work, she was not prepared, ran against the wrong commissioner and got a real wake up call from HQ.

    Ganley would be a fresh new face - which we sorely need.


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