Monday, February 16, 2009

Lake Erie Wind Turbine Study led by Blow Hards

Now if this doesn't explain why the Cuyahoga County is so screwed up - nothing will. We have our political hack of a county prosecutor, Bill Mason, heading up the study for wind turbines. So this I must ask... - other than being a blowhard - what exactly in his background makes him qualified for this position?

I would say having the guy who initially thumbed his nose at Lady Justice is hardly a beacon of hope for our exploration into wind turbines on Lake Erie.

After receiving a grant for $672,000 for the study, Mason, a potential target in the Cuyahoga County corruption scandal, proves this project will ALSO be just another silver butt bullet for Cuyahoga County...

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason, the task force chairman, said a chunk of that will pay the salary of one of his top assistants, Steve Dever, who will step in as the task force's first executive director.

Dever has been a key figure as the task force builds expertise and capital to pursue an off-shore wind pilot project -- six to eight turbines on the lake, along with a research and testing center.

Dever said the Cleveland Foundation money will cover his $112,000 salary as he takes an absence from the prosecutor's office.

"I'll take a year off from ... chasing bad guys to chase wind," Dever said at a task force meeting Thursday, held at the Cleveland Foundation. (PD)

Exactly Mr. Dever, you will be chasing the wind - unfortunately for Cuyahoga County residents it is turning out to be a "fart in a wind storm".

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