Wednesday, February 25, 2009

FBI concerned about Home Grown Terrorist Attacks

Last week I posted about an Afghan National arrested in CA for ties to Al-Qaeda & the Taliban. It has now been verified that a U.S. citizen, recruited out of Minnesota, is responsible for a suicide bombing in Somalia.

The FBI is now warning that we should not be surprised if one of these home-grown TNT loving jihadikazes launches an attack here...

One particular concern, the FBI director said, springs from the country's background as a "nation of immigrants." Federal officials worry about pockets of possible radicals among melting-pot communities in the United States such as Seattle, San Diego, Miami or New York.

A Joint Terrorism Task Force led by the FBI, for instance, continues to investigate a group in Minneapolis after one young man last fall flew to Somalia and became what authorities believe to be the first U.S. citizen to carry out a suicide bombing. As many as a half-dozen other youths from that community in Minnesota have vanished, alarming their parents and raising concerns among law enforcement officials that a dangerous recruiting network has operated under the radar.

"The prospect of young men, indoctrinated and radicalized in their own communities . . . is a perversion of the immigrant story," Mueller said.
(Washington Post)


  1. Well we should suspend the Bill of Rights for the entire country just in case these five guys do something bad. Yes this is what we do. Then we increase the number of Muslim immigrants allowed to enter this country. Yes lets suspend the Bill of Rights and then increase the number of Muslim immigrants. That should take care of your "jihadikazes" just like your George Bush did. Hey guess what your Obama is going to do the same thing.

  2. There you go... paddling around foolishly in a mindless circle with your "One Oar in the Water".

    Where do you see anything about getting rid of the Bill of Rights? You aren't one of them fools that believe freedom is free are you? So in the name of freedom we should ignore things like ties with known terrorists because we may not want to infringe on someones freedom.

    How about the freedom of living a life without the fear of body parts being strewn across a street from a TNT vest-wearing jihadikaze?

    Are you telling me the rights of a few AMericans aiding our enemy should the trump the rights for the rest of us to live in a safe country.

    We can only hope Obama does half as good as Bush did in keeping us free from terrorist attacks on our soil.

    Notice I did not say he kept them from being in our country. That they are here and they are recruiting - WAS the point of the post dillweed!

  3. No, freedom isn't free. That is absolutely true. However, I believe Benjamin Franklin summed it up best when he said "those who give up their liberty for security deserve neither liberty nor security".


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