Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Waffles & Grits in the White House

During this past election a couple of guys were given a hard time about making money off of Obama "waffling" during his campaign by selling Obama Waffles.

Korrectnik AP writer, Joan Lowy, conjured up imaginary race issues in her feeble mind and blasted these poor guys who were just trying to make a buck as racist.

Speaking to culinary students visiting the White House kitchen, Michelle Obama let it slip that President O-Waffler really likes waffles...

"There are some mean waffles and grits that are made in the morning that have become a regular staple for some of us," Obama said. But she didn't reveal exactly for who that breakfast pairing has become a morning favorite. Though she was quick to add that she's not the one who eats waffles every day. (Fox News)
Now we all know the waffling during his campaign has turned into lies during PBO's short time in office. But I am curious if Lowy will write an apology to the guys she called racist and if AG Holder will call her a coward if she doesn't?

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