Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pakistan truce with Taliban leads to Kidnapping of Pakistani Official

Another great result from negotiating with terrorists!

The truce between Pakistan and a Swat Valley Taliban group, Tehrik-e-Nifaz Shariat Muhammadi, appears to be falling apart – at least in western standards. Agreeing to what they believed was a permanent truce and the Taliban looked at as a 10-day truce, Swat valley officials are now missing an official.

After the commissioner for Malakand, Syed Mohammad Javed, agreed to allow Sharia Law be implemented and policed by the local Taliban of the Swat valley – a government administrator, Khushal Khan, and six of his guards were kidnapped.

A spokesman for the local jihadikazes has acknowledged they have Khan, but deny he is a hostage…
"He [Khan] is our guest. We have to discuss some issues with him. We will serve him tea and then free him."

Now, Javed, the negotiator of the truce feels and feeling like a bigger idiot than he already is, is calling the Taliban “miscreants.”

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