Saturday, February 14, 2009

Local Law Firm - Jones Day - Goose Steps on 1st Amendment

Earlier this year I posted on how the law firm of Jones Day was suing realty-based website, Block Shoppers, for linking to their website without permission. At issue was, Jones Day felt that by re-listing real estate purchase made by their attorneys and linking to their site, Block Shoppers was portraying an affiliation with the firm.

Even though most legal experts felt this was equal of a Grand Canyon leap of rational legal thinking, and the real estate listing were a matter of public record, Jones Day initially offered Block Shoppers a deal... in exchange for not being sued, give us a check for $10,000, remove the links and we will forgive you. Refusing to be extorted and standing up to Jones Day's attack on our 1st Amendment rights, Block Shoppers initially told the licentious, litigating leeches to go pound salt.

After months of trying to appease Jones Day's, Block Shoppers was no longer able to keep up with the deep-pockets of Jones Day....
Under the settlement, Blockshopper can continue to link to Jones Day's site, but it must use the firm's Web address as the link.

Blockshopper says it spent more than $100,000 defending itself against the lawsuit.

"They had no shot at winning, but they were going to bleed us dry," said co-founder Brian Timpone, who described the settlement Wednesday. (PD)

It should be noted that the settlement the goose-steppers at Jones Day finally accepted was offered 4 months earlier, when Block Shoppers had only spent $10,000 in legal fees.

Boy, how I would love to be their next target.

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