Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Newsday endangers safety of Pro-Gun Democrat - Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

Sen. Gillibrand of NY, Hillary Clinton's replacement, has been under attack from almost every MSM outlet and fellow democrats across the US. Why? Because she supports our 2nd Amendment rights. This is a big no-no for most democrats.

One way or another the anti-gun nuts are determined to squash our right to keep and bear arms. As we know the MSM has routinely endangered the lives of our soldiers with there anti-US propaganda and now Newsday has endangered the life of Senator Gillibrand and her family...

From Fox News --
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, whose pro-gun stance has attracted criticism from fellow New York Democrats, has moved two rifles she kept under her bed for protection because of news reports about the weapons.

In a Newsday interview published earlier Monday, Gillibrand said she and her husband, Jonathan, kept the rifles to protect their upstate New York home. The couple has two young children.

Gillibrand spokesman Matt Canter told the newspaper in a story posted on the its Web site Monday evening that the rifles were removed for security reasons because their location had been reported. More...

To put a local spin on this would be the race for Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court. When potential candidate Jimmy "Pancakes" Petro was AG for Ohio, he pushed for records of people possessing Carry/Conceal licenses be open to the public, and if not, then at least the media.

Thank God for Ohio gun owners wanting to protect their families, Pancake Jim was unsuccessful in making an OH gun owners personal information open for public viewing. The above post illustrates exactly why, and what the MSM would do with this information.

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