Monday, February 16, 2009

Burris' Bull - More lies from Democrats

Boy these democrats are really turning out to be the pillar of integrity. Obama's potential replacement in the Senate - Roland Burris, the man appointed by the now impeached Gov. Blagojevich of IL has been caught lying under oath...
For the first time, Burris indicated that he asked Blagojevich's former chief of staff and college classmate, Lon Monk, to relay his interest in the Senate seat to the governor last July or September.

"If you're close to the governor, you know, let him know I'm certainly interested in the seat," Burris said he told Monk.

That testimony appears to differ from an affidavit Burris submitted to the impeachment panel this week in which he stated he spoke to no "representatives" of the governor about the Senate post prior to Dec. 26. (Chicago Sun-Times)

Burris explains his step into the Blagojeshit by claiming he was only talking to Monk as a friend and not as a representative of the Governor.


  1. Gee King, so glad you missed the part where no Democrats wanted to seat him.

  2. Dave,

    Quinn the new Gov has only said he, Burris, owes an explanation to IL voters.

    Also, Steve Brown, spokesman for the IL Democrat leadership is stating it is too premature to call for an investigation.

    Sounds like they're taking the Daschle approach -- wait and see how hot it gets in the kitchen before they toss him.

  3. Glad to see you finally got a comment. Let's try for two by Sunday!

    Go King, Go!

  4. Showing that a degree doesn't make you smart and as we see it surely can't turn a chickenshit into a man - we are again graced with a visit from the Holy Rolling hypocrite & spineless Dr. Mike Pelsozy leaving another anonymous comment.

    Mike you should read the book Internet for Dummies - it will explain IP addresses to you.

    I guess there is nothing better for him to do than leave anonymous comments.

    Mike you know when you stop taking your meds you go from Dr. Pelsozy to Dr. Nutsozy.


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