Saturday, February 28, 2009

Obama is now President - How come other Countries still hate us?

Does anyone remember hearing the liberals lipshits crowing that the only reason other countries hate the US is because of George Bush?
"Is there a new government in the United States or is it Bush still in power? Obama seems to be a continuation of the Bush era. But it doesn't matter to me. Regardless of US imperialism, this revolution will continue its course," Chavez said in a speech.

"The Obama administration has again attacked Venezuela. He said that Venezuela and I, even citing my name, do not cooperate in the fight against drug trafficking. The country that most supports drug trafficking on this planet is the United States.

"The United States is the world's leading consumer of drugs. Why can't they stop drugs from coming into their country? Obama, you take care of your business and I'll take care of mine. Don't mess with me, Mr Obama," he added.

Even after Obamao takes a 90 degree left turn with the US, his socialist buddy, Skipper Hugo still doesn't like us. Imagine that! Maybe after Obamao nationalizes our banks like Skipper Hugo just did with Venezuela's rice processing plants he will like us.

After the stars cleared from the Hugo's verbal slap, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reaches out with another backhand through an art advisor speaking with visiting film makers from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences...
"(Iranian) cinema officials will only have the right to have official sessions with... Hollywood movie makers when they apologise to the Iranians for their 30 years of insults and slanders," Javad Shamaghdari said.

"The Iranian people and our revolution has been repeatedly unjustly attacked by Hollywood," he said, citing '300' and recent Oscar nominated movie 'The Wrestler' as among offending films.

"We will believe (US President Barack) Obama's policy of change when we see change in Hollywood too, and if Hollywood wants to correct its behaviour towards Iranian people and Islamic culture then they have to officially apologise," Shamaghdari added.


  1. Agree with you. One had the impression that all the countries of the world would be holding hands with us and Kumbaya. This is proof that evil is still evil and we have to confront it.

  2. Hi Bob

    you hit the nail on the head - evil is still evil and it must be confronted.


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