Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cleveland Mayor Jackson tells MedMart officials - "We will pick the site"

I'm just loving this MedMart fiasco. It is just so Cuyahoga County.

While we are waiting for engineering reports to see if the existing convention center can be reused, the emergence of Wolstein flats property as an alternative site has knocked Shammin' Sam Miller's Tower City site from the pre-selected #1 site down to #3.

Confident and smug behind a fancy Greater Cleveland Partnership generated Power Point presentation and the Fred Nance led Dog & Pony Show put on for Cuyahoga County residents, Miller & his Tower City twits, thought everything was a done deal. With loud-mouth Commissioner Hagan in the bag and none of the area Mayors who supported the project voicing opposition - how could MedMart officials not pick the Tower City site. Not surprisingly, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson was also silent - even though most of the potential sites were located in Cleveland.

Unfortunately for Miller, the MedMart officials, unlike most of the elected officials in this county, don't owe him the time of day and they chose the existing Convention Center over his Tower City site for the new MedMart/Convention Center. Miller and his smug little minions are just besides themselves that their location was passed over. In fact, Miller is caterwauling he wants public meetings because of alleged closed door meetings. How's that for the pot calling the kettle black!

I will be highly surprised if when the engineering study on reusing the foundation of the current center comes back that it will show this to be a financially sound risk. Just in case this is the case, MMPI officials are in preliminary negotiations with Wolstein for his east bank location in the flats.

Finally realizing something was happening in Cleveland - Mayor Jackson has woke up. Jackson being completely oblivious on the MedMart negotiations and a total non-factor at all, is now trying to insert himself in the mix...
"We don't know what Mr. Falanga of MMPI said to Mr. Wolstein about his site," Jackson said in a news release. "But no private developer -- whether it's MMPI, Forest City or Mr. Wolstein -- will determine which site is chosen.

"There are public dollars and the decision will be made by elected officials," Jackson said.

You tell 'em Frank! Only Miller is supposed to get public dollars for our silver butt bullet projects!


  1. unemployed in clevelandFebruary 9, 2009 at 1:21 PM

    The flats location makes the most sense. Then they can put a casino next door. I believe Dimora supports the East Bank location and this is another reason the PD has it in for him. They are in full support of this project going in at the Tower City location. They are also in Miller's back pocket.

  2. It's all a bunch of shit! We don't need a MediMart. I'm sure tim hagan said to his kennedy clan relatives and friends,"You wouldn't believe how stupid Clevelanders are, I'll show you. We'll make a non-voted on tax, select a site owned by my friends, then give it to you, for free." And thats' just what he did. He is a criminal and should be in jail. This site is great...

  3. Thanks for commenting. Glad you like the site and hope you stop back.

    Hagan is a spittling blow hard! Not only is he going to build it for them on our dime, but we will be paying them to run it for us.

    Funny thing is, is that Hagan has yet to be present at any of the meeting open to the public. In my opinion, Hagan, Miller and the GCP are the biggest crooks in Cuyahoga County!


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