Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cleveland Tea Party - A Tax Free Event

** UPDATE **
Click here for info on the Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party
to be held on 4/15/09 for locations near you.

Upset that the auto & bank bailouts are rewarding failed concepts & greedy executives? Pissed off that the trillions from the Stimulus meant to create jobs will be wasted on useless programs?

Are you out of work & bored with no money to do anything?

Want to voice your opposition on the Stimulus Bill that was passed without any "deliberative representation"?

Come join the Cleveland Tea Party

Location: 1 Public Square (Just opposite Tower City)
Date: Friday, February 27th
Time: 12pm-1pm


  1. Please let the people know when this will happen again!!! This is a very important FREEDOM that we all deserve to uphold!!! I WILL be there if I am notified about it's whereabouts!!!! LET'S DO THIS!!!1

  2. this country is headed down the wrong path!!! Who has worked so hard to build this country? The hard working middleclass!!! Let's fight for what truly belongs to us!!!!! FREEDOM!!!!

  3. Cliff & Jane, a retired couple, sick & tired of taxation without representation! i.e. Med. Mart. as well as what is just down the road with this government! Clinton taxed our S.S. once and we're afraid another is just ahead! Want to join a group in Cleveland's West Side suberb.


Don't be scared!