Saturday, February 7, 2009

We have Bugs Bunny - Terrorists have Assud the Martyr Bunny

Here in the U.S., the cultural cartoon icon - Bugs Bunny - fights Yosemite Sam, always has Daffy Duck thrilled spitless and poor Elmer Fudd is still trying to catch him. Bugs Bunny's antics have thrilled the minds of children, and some adults, for hours on end while you slipped off into cartoon land eating cookies & milk after school.

So while our children are entertained by Bug's & Friends, Palestinian children are entertained by a bunny of their own...

From WND --

The latest episode on the program "Pioneers of Tomorrow" , broadcast on Hamas' Al-Aqsa TV, was aired Jan.2, 2009, MEMRI said.

The program features Assud, the bunny character, lying in a hospital bed, with Saraa, who serves as the program hostess, sitting by his side.

"The Zionist enemy is treacherous, and it kills everything, but I never thought it would kill the children of Palestine, and that it would bomb the Al-Aqsa TV station," Assud says. "As you know, Saraa, Al-Aqsa TV has a special section for children. Children always go there to play and have fun. They come to me and you to listen to beautiful stories for their benefit.

"But Saraa, I went to Al-Aqsa TV when they said it would be bombed. I couldn't believe it would really be bombed. I went there, and I collected the gifts, books, magazines, and stories, which belong to the children of Palestine, the Pioneers of Tomorrow, so I could remove them before the station was bombed. But Saraa, when I went in – I don't know what happened. All I know is that they brought me here, to Shifa' Hospital, and left me here, Saraa. Praise be to Allah." [...]

Assud continued: "Saraa, my will is that you tell our beloved children never to forget Jerusalem, Saraa. You must pass this legacy on to our beloved children. They must never forget Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa, the prisoners, or the refugees.

"Remind them, Saraa, that we have a land to which we must return, by means of the steadfastness of the resistance and the mujahideen, by means of the steadfastness of knowledge and the fear of God. Tell them that Assud died as a hero, as a martyr. Tell them that Assud died a martyr's death, Saraa."[...]

He then "dies," and Saraa responds, "Assud… Assud… No, Assud… Don't die, Assud." More...

Poor Assud - huh? Not to worry... Saraa encourages the children to revenge his death by freeing their land from the Zionists. If the children were out throwing stones at the IDF and missed Assud- no problem - the Palestinian mommy, setting a good example for the children by preparing for marytrdom herself, can plop them down in front of the tube and they can always watch the puppet show where former President Bush gets killed with a sword.

And of course we cannot forget about the child stars. Yes, not to be outdone by Hannah Montana, Palestinian children have a child star of their own.

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