Saturday, February 7, 2009

Steaming Load of the Week -- Messiah Barry insults our intelligence with his Marxist bullshit

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Steaming Load of the Week

Steaming Load #1: Messiah Barry insults our intelligence with his Marxist bullshit.

Longing for those glorious, stress-free, days when he could simply vote "present", America’s Marxist Messiah has his Commie Red panties in a wad over the criticism of what Monica Crowley calls his crap sandwich. Apparently, the Messiah’s grand scheme for the USSA didn’t envision blowback from ‘we the people’ giving the pachyderm punks on Capitol Hill an unscheduled dose of spine, when it comes to this giant, Porkulus Plan, turd.

Messiah Barry is not a happy camper and he doesn’t care who knows it. Unfamiliar with objective reality, he’s blissfully ignorant of certain fundamental facts of existence. When did ‘caterwauling pussy’ become a prerequisite for the Oval Office?

He sneered at the complaint that his crap sandwich is a ‘spending bill’. He can sneer all he wants, but it won’t change the fact that never, in all of recorded history, has a government spent its way out of an economic crisis. Is the crap sandwich a ‘spending bill’? You bet, and that, turd breath, is the problem.

He sneered at the idea that "tax cuts alone will solve all our problems". He can sneer all he wants, but, as JFK and Ronald Reagan demonstrated, leaving more of our hard earned money in the hands of those of us who earned it works. It injects money into the economy and, in the process, sends more money to those ravenous tax coffers.

He thunders about the pressing need to resolve "fundamental challenges like the high cost of healthcare" to justify his crap sandwich. He can thunder all he wants, but that doesn’t change the fact that America’s healthcare problems started down that highway to hell, when the Nanny State started tinkering with that element of the marketplace. The Nanny State created the healthcare problems in the first place, when it pooped out Medicrap. Since then, it has perpetrated a steady stream of political pratfalls, with one catastrophic healthcare ‘fix’ after another. One more fix and 'socialized medicine' should finally exterminate American healthcare.

He thunders about the pressing need to resolve our moribund economy, insisting that only government can make things right. He can thunder all he wants, but it won’t change the fact that our economic woes started, when the Demoncrats went Korrectnik bonks. In the 90s, they created this financial meltdown, with their insistence that lending institutions give mortgages to woefully unqualified (financially) but suitably qualified, politically (properly-hyphenated) home buyers. The ensuing deluge of bad loans was a looming disaster which was ignored by Elected Tormentors in the pocket of Fanny Mae, Freddy Mack and other lending institutions. It reached critical, economy nuking, mass, when the housing bubble burst. That made the house of bad loan cards come crashing down, taking our economy into the crapper with it.

We’re forced to ask the essential question: what the hell is this fool’s damage? He has significant majorities in both houses of Congress, so his Porkulus Bill crap sandwich is destined to pass, no matter how much the pachyderm punks resist it. Given that, why are his panties in a wad? Because, this disaster has his name on it and there’s no easy way to vote ‘present’.

Messiah Barry put himself in this political hot seat, despite his egregious lack of essential qualifications. He needs to grow a pair, STAT, or get the hell out of Dodge. You can’t vote present on this one, Prompter Punk. No matter how hard you try to avoid it, this disaster has your name on it. You wanted it. You got it. You own it. So, stop whining when what passes for a rational adult on Capitol Hill points out the suffocating stench wafting off the Steaming Stimulus Load that you and your Demoncrat homeboys pooped out.

If this Dumbo-eared Marxist asshat can’t stand the heat in the Red Shed’s kitchen, then he needs to man up and LEAVE! If that’s too much for him, then we the people need to flush this fool down the crapper, so he can return to that "present" obscurity for which he is eminently qualified.

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