Monday, February 9, 2009

City of Cleveland Proposes Time Limit on Idling Automobiles

It appears that nanny state nitwit disease is growing in Cleveland and it looks like some surrounding communities may have also been infected.

Just recently, Cleveland Councilman Zach “Give me another drink so I can drive home” Reed, citing the dangers, proposed a ban on text messaging while driving in Cleveland.

Since Cleveland has no other obvious pressing issues, in goose-steps Cleveland Councilman Matt Zone – he’s gonna one up Reed in the nanny state nitwitted-ness department by throwing in a “Green” twist and propose a ban on the time a car can idle...
Cleveland City Councilman Matt Zone says engine exhaust is choking the environment, threatening the flow of future federal dollars to the region and thwarting economic development efforts.

Instead of sitting idly by, he plans to soon propose a law banning idling vehicles in Cleveland. And he's not just talking about big belching trucks: "All fleets, all vehicles, Joe Citizen, everybody."

Zone says he knows it won't solve pollution problems, but it's a start. "It's not a silver bullet, it's a silver buckshot," he said. And with council members in nearly two dozen other local cities -- including Avon, Shaker Heights and Bedford -- ready to propose identical legislation, it could make a bigger bang.

The law permits idling for five minutes per hour, double in the extreme cold or heat, and has a number of exemptions for traffic jams, emergencies and other reasons. (PD Tipoff)

In an obvious state of denial, Zone sounds as if he has been getting “zoned” huffing exhaust fumes from the tail pipes of idling cars! Car exhaust is thwarting development here?!? Jesus H. Christ the city can't even change a light bulb - but car exhaust is holding this region back.

I think many would agree that there are several clowncil members in Cleveland, be it from their ass or mouth, who emit gasses that would rival the alleged damage of tailpipe exhaust to the ozone layer - I wonder if limits will be placed on their asinine emissions?

As for the City of Bedford officials thinking about doing something like this... well, I will wait and hear their side at our next council meeting.

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