Saturday, February 14, 2009

City of Cleveland prepares for another attack on 2nd Amendment

Now here's some breaking news you won't find in the local fishwrap we call the Plain Dealer. The City of Cleveland is again trying to back door our 2nd Amendment rights.

From Buckeye Firearms --
Even as the City of Cleveland continues to be the only municipality in Ohio illegally enforcing local firearm laws, while at the same time lying about it to the media, Buckeye Firearms Association has learned that the anti-Second Amendment, anti-self-defense, anti-hunting legislation which Mayor Frank Jackson tried unsuccessfully to get passed in the 127th General Assembly is about to be reintroduced.

According to our sources, Rep. Barbara Boyd (D) is circulating a letter requesting co-sponsors for a piece of gun control legislation which died at the end of last session, and which she apparently intends to reintroduce. The legislation, which was known in the 127th General Assembly as House Bill 354, was written by Mayor Jackson's own law department, and first introduced October 16, 2007 by Rep. Boyd and Rep. Sandra Williams (D). More...

Like I have said before, with Obamao now being President, we can expect that our 2nd Amendment right to legally possess, own and carry firearms will be under constant attack. And again, this is all the more reason we need a known entity serving as our next chief justice on the Ohio Supreme Court.

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