Friday, February 27, 2009

Steaming Load of the Week Award: Homeland Stupidity Secretary Janet Napolitano has her head up her ass

From Politically Incorrect Gazette --

Steaming Load #1: Homeland Stupidity Secretary Janet Napolitano has her head up her ass.

The new fearless leader of America’s Homeland Stupidity Department, Janet Napoltiano, is doing everything in her power to destroy this once great nation. She’s supposed to be protecting us from Jihadikaze asshats, but instead, she is playing word games. Among other things, she has purged "terrorism", "September 11", and "attacks" from her vocabulary, and her entire department.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano avoids mention of the terms "terrorism" or "Sept. 11" in remarks prepared for her first congressional testimony since taking office, signaling a sharp change in tone from her predecessors.

Napolitano is the first homeland security secretary to drop the term "terror" and "vulnerability" from remarks prepared for delivery to the House Homeland Security Committee, according to a copy obtained by The Associated Press.

Tom Ridge, who headed the agency when it was launched in 2003, mentioned terrorism 11 times in his prepared statement at his debut before the oversight committee in 2003. And in 2005 Michael Chertoff, the second secretary, mentioned terrorism seven times, according to an AP analysis of the prepared testimonies.

Napolitano, a former Arizona governor, instead charts a course in very different terms than Chertoff, who used law enforcement and military jargon -- "intelligence," "analysis," "mission" -- to describe the agency's objectives.

The department's top priorities are spelled out in legislation that created it in 2001: preventing a terrorist attack in the United States; reducing the vulnerability for such an attack; and helping with the recovery if the U.S. is attacked.

Napolitano's prepared remarks also show her using the word "attacks" less than her predecessors. She is the first secretary to use a congressional debut to talk about hurricanes and disasters, a sign of the department's evolving mission following Hurricane Katrina. (Fox News)

In addition to leaving us open to Jihadikaze assaults on our liberty, this reeking Homeland Stupidity turd is equally determined to leave America wide open to invasion by border jumping scumbags. Reportedly, the ICE raid in Washington State majorly pissed off this Homeland Stupidity butt bullet and she’s determined that ‘heads will roll’ over the enforcement of America’s immigration laws.

She’s equally blind to the rising tide of Mexican drug cartel violence which is already crossing our border from San Diego to Mexas.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano denied Thursday that the latest drug-fueled violence in Mexico has spilled across the border, even as local officials throughout the country see troubling signs of Mexican gang activity.

The Department of Justice reports that 230 U.S. cities, from Anchorage to Atlanta have a cartel or Mexican gang presence. A February report from the Cato Institute found a "troubling number of incidents" in which Mexico violence was spilling across the border. It also noted increasing violence against U.S. citizens traveling in the southern neighbor.

Federal authorities say more that [sic] $14 billion in illegal drugs are smuggled into the U.S. every year through Mexico. And Phoenix, the capital city of Napolitano's home state of Arizona, recorded 370 kidnappings last year, placing it only second to Mexico City worldwide, though it wasn't immediately clear how many of the kidnappings can be traced to Mexican drug activity. (Fox News)

I know what you’re asking and I’ve got it covered. If she’s not taking care of business on our borders, and can’t be bothered with the Jihadikaze threat, what is her number one concern? She’s obsessed with FEMA and her ‘department’s evolving mission following Hurricane Katrina’. See, and here you were worrying, needlessly.

Janet Napolitano’s politically correct myopia is going to get us killed, unless we find some way to flush this insane bitch, and the Marxish scumbag who put our safety, our sovereignty, in her shit-stained hands.

FLUSH? Hell yes, and the sooner the better.

Perpetrated by: Hambo

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