Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ohio's next Chief Justice must be a Strong Defender of our 2nd Amendment rights

The potential GOP primary between Ohio Supreme Court Justice Maureen O'Connor and political retread, former Ohio AG Jim Petro, for chief justice of the Ohio Supreme Court is sure to be interesting. Justice O'Connor, a highly respected jurist along with being the highest vote getter in the last election, and pay to play professional - Pancake Jim Petro - who by his own admission is just looking for another political job, will be looking to replace the retiring Chief Justice Moyer.

With the full-frontal assault on our 2nd Amendment rights that we are expected to face during the hopefully only one term of President Obama & his gun-grabbing loyalists, gun-owners must remain vigilant in selecting candidates in any race and especially mindful of where these two potential opponents stand on Gun Control.

Noting that both candidates have been steadfast in their support of our 2nd Amendment rights, Buckeye Firearms, though not yet endorsing any candidate, indicates Justice O'Connor can always be counted on and has a perfect record in supporting our right to keep and bear arms. They also note that Pancake Jim, while usually supporting our 2nd Amendment rights has waffled once before and tried giving us gun owners a swift kick in the "pistol"...

When it was first passed in 2004, Ohio's concealed carry law contained a media access loophole, inserted by Governor Taft as an 11th hour poison pill. Petro upset gun owners by repeatedly argued in favor not-only of giving the media access to this private information, but the public at large.

At the time, legislators in Ohio were warned that newspapers would abuse the law and publish entire lists of CHL-holders. They were also warned that such lists could then be exploited by criminals wishing to steal firearms, and that instances of criminals targeting particular locations they know to contain specific valuables (such as firearms), and staking out or casing residences to make sure no one is home, are common and well documented.

Petro called such scenario "a stretch", yet in the following year we documented two instances in Ohio where a robber and rapist used newspaper ads to lure their victims into a trap.

In all fairness, as our AG, Petro defended the constitutionality of the Carry/Conceal law for Ohioans. But as we can see - he was also willing to open our living rooms and jeopardize the safety of gun owners & their families by giving gun-hating liberals and criminals free access to their personal information. In other words, Petro, while supporting our 2A rights, was also willing to make legal gun owners identifiable targets for the anti-gun goons and offer up a menu of potential victims for the criminals.

In voting for Justice O'Connor gun owners, through her track record, will KNOW we have a strong defender of our 2nd Amendment rights. As for Petro - gun owners, through his above noted actions, can only HOPE for a strong supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights.


  1. so pancake petro will have trouble with the gun owners and right to lifers. will there by any grassroots people who support him, or will his support again be limited to the blue bloods and former auditor and AG employees?

  2. Supporting the 2nd Amendment & promoting right to life is usually not a prerequisite for Republicans in this area. Sutherland, Baker, Butler, etc...

    But yes,you can be sure Petro supporters will be limited to the usual "Batterheads". Batterheads will now be their new name.

    I heard through the grapevine that in his reach out to the urban community he will be known as - Jimmy "P. Cakes" Petro.

  3. Batterheads. I love it.


  4. We must keep Jimmy Cakes & his Batterheads off the Supreme Court - some of the political flunkies from Kuyahoga still support Jimmy Cakes, but it would be easy to bash him with his AG pay to play antics and his connections with NoeGate.


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