Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bush gave Secret Orders for recent U.S. assaults in Pakistan

Good for President Bush!

From Global Security --
A U.S. newspaper is reporting that President George Bush gave secret orders in July authorizing U.S. armed forces to carry out ground assaults in Pakistan without seeking approval from Pakistan's government.

The New York Times newspaper quotes senior U.S. officials who said the military will notify Pakistan's government when it conducts raids, but will not seek its permission.

The officials, who insisted on remaining anonymous, said the orders are part of a broader push to assert U.S. control over the Afghan-Pakistani border, considered a stronghold for the Taliban and al-Qaida. More...

As we increase our efforts against Al-Qaeda in this region, Bush cannot allow Sadr, Al-Qaeda in Iraq and other extremists groups to create uprisings in secured areas of Iraq.

The "Surge" in Iraq has worked and those efforts are continuing to pay dividends in the form of some U.S. troop withdrawal and more areas turned over to Iraqi Control. We cannot allow the blood and lives of our soldiers be wasted by allowing Iraq to become a terrorist haven again.

President Bush is right in giving permission for these raids without first getting approval from Pakistan. Knowing there are terrorist elements in Pakistans government he would have only jeopordized the lives of our soldiers by possibly having the operations leaked.

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