Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Re Elect Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Richard J. McMonagle

With the increase in crime residents of our county need to make sure we hold our judges accountable. Cuyahoga County Common Please Judge Richard J. McMonagle has proved, time and time again, he is an accountable and dedicated jurist.

McMonagle's long service on the bench stems from his hard work and fairness. McMonagle, being a forward thinker has pushed for new technology in the courts. Much of this technology has improved security in the court rooms and has contributed greatly on increasing efficiency.

From the PD --

This court hears civil cases where the amount in question is greater than $15,000, as well as felony criminal cases.


Richard J. McMonagle,

66, a Common Pleas judge since first elected in 1978. Before his time on the bench, McMonagle, a Republican, worked in private practice for 12 years.

Lynn McLaughlin Murray,

44, magistrate for Cleveland Municipal Court. The Democrat has also worked for Cleveland's Law Department.

Murray has good ideas for improving the court, such as adding specialized dockets for domestic violence cases, and seems to have a solid grasp of the court's strengths and weaknesses.

However, McMonagle has shown he's a more-than-able jurist for more than two decades, serving as presiding judge for half that time. He implemented arraignments by video conferencing and has pressed for improvements in the court's information technology. He runs an efficient docket and he's earned a reputation for fairness and dedication. He deserves another six-year term.

Besides the PD, McMonagle has earned endorsements from the following groups;
  • Sheriff Gerald T. McFaul (Democrat)

  • Northern Ohio Firefighters

  • Fraternal Order of Police - Cleveland Heights Lodge No. 14

  • Fraternal Order of Police - Eighth District


  • Pipe Fitters Local Union No. 120

  • Cleveland Fire Fighters Assoc. – Local No. 93 - Affiliations: IAFF - AFL-CIO

  • CPPA – Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Assoc.

  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers – Local No. 38

  • IPAC – Irish Political Affairs Counsel

  • International Longshoremen’s Assoc. – Local No. 1317 – Affiliated with AFL-CIO

  • Cleveland Building & Construction Trades Council - Affiliated with Building & Construction Trades Dept. – AFL-CIO

  • Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union Local No. 19

  • International Assoc. of Heat & Frost Insulators & Asbestos Workers – Local No. 3, Affiliated with AFL-CIO


  1. Thanks, King.

    If it wasn't for this blog, I'd have no idea that we have any endorsed candidates.

  2. yeah it looks like this site is the place to find out more about our county party.

    The RPCC blog is a joke too!

    King post more about McCain/Palin

  3. "International Assoc. of Heat & Frost Insulators & Asbestos Workers"

    Don't tell me Frost has ANOTHER job...running an Insulation company with some guy named Heat.

  4. I agree with the first two posters. In order to get any local political news you have to come here.

    This blog has become what the old Right Angle Blog used to be... now that Naugle and his "Naugle rules the world" (or whatever the hell he calls it now) has gotten so lame.


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