Saturday, September 27, 2008

O'Malley tries using his children to get probation on Obscenity Charges

Boy - former Cuyahoga County Recorder, Pat O'Malley, really is a piece of work. He is now trying to use his children to get off from serving time on his obscenity charges!

O'Malley recently passed up the chance to change his guilty plea on obscenity charges and refused. O'Malley was given this chance because U.S. District Judge David Dowd refused to accept a plea deal that tied his hands in sentencing. The other reason the plea agreement was rejected is because the nature of the material involved contained- sadistic or masochistic conduct "or other depictions of violence" - and that the probation department recommended a sentence longer than the plea agreement allowed.

O'Malley's attorney, Ian Friedman, has filed a memorandum of sentencing supporting the terms of the original plea deal. In the memorandum Friedman claims that jailing O'Malley will be harmful to his children. Friedman's request to keep all the information in the memorandum secret was denied by the judge.

From the PD --
The memorandum asks the judge to sentence O'Malley to supervised probation, or if that's is insufficient, to home detention. It includes letters of support from many community members and discusses his support for such causes as treatment for drug and alcohol addiction and Cleveland Golden Gloves boxing, and his efforts to assist with disaster relief following Hurricane Georges in Puerto Rico in 1998 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

The filing also expresses concern for the well-being of his two youngest children, whose custody he shares with his ex-wife, Vicki O'Malley.

"Mr. O'Malley's children have been exposed to significant turmoil in recent years, and the loss of their father would cause additional, potentially irreparable, harm," it said. "His absence would cause the children, particularly his youngest, to suffer extreme emotional distress and to endure precarious living arrangements." More...

What a loser! Protect his children from precarious living arrangements? O'Malley recently threatened Solon Police after his young children somehow, without his knowledge, disappeared from his house at 5:oo am.

It sounds like these poor kids need to be protected from O'Malley and his ex-wife.

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