Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Castle Doctrine Takes Effect - Ohio Criminals Beware!

Residents of Ohio no longer need to fear criminals in their own home. You no longer need to be worried if you will go to jail if you are forced to protect your home and family from some scumbag punk.

We got to give Rev. Strickland a pat on the back for this one. He has finally passed a law that helps Ohioans! The Castle Doctrine allows victims to protect themselves. Imagine that - a law that protects the citizens and not the criminals!

From Buckeye Firearms --
The bill Gov. Ted Strickland calls “common-sense legislation”, establishes Castle Doctrine in Ohio and clears up ambiguous sections of Ohio's concealed carry law goes into effect September 9, 2008.

Castle Doctrine is arguably the most important part of SB184. Indeed, this was the entire bill when it was introduced. As stand alone legislation it passed the Ohio Senate with a unanimous 32-0 vote. Even if every other improvement were stripped from this bill, this alone would have been a significant piece of legislation.

It is important to note that Castle Doctrine does not apply simply to those with a CHL, or just those who have a gun, but to all law-abiding citizens who are victims of a violent crime. No matter how you choose to defend yourself (including being pacifist), this law is important to you. More...

Just in case some two-bit thug tries anything, my neighbor Clem decided to take out his favorite plinker and hone up on his shooting skills with some target practice...

While he is able to hit the paper target, Clem is still working on tightening up his groupings!


  1. Now this is something I can get behind. As liberal as I am, I am definately for gun rights. Of course, that after almost two decades of Republican governorships in Ohio, it's a Democrat who signs this one into law. Good job, Ted Strickland. But I guess it's pretty typical for Republicans to talk a good game to rile up their base, and then not follow through when they get elected. Otherwise, why would this take so long?

  2. you pretty much summed it up. The base gets fired up like mad dogs then never holds the politicians feet to the fire.

    If it was not for the guys over at Buckeye Firearms & NRA fighting for our 2A rights who knows what would happen.


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