Friday, September 19, 2008

Steaming Load Award: A smoke and mirrors ‘energy bill’ that doesn’t produce any new energy resources.

From Politically Incorrect Gazette --

Steaming Load #1: A smoke and mirrors ‘energy bill’ that doesn’t produce any new energy resources.

Proving they have a sick sense of humor, San Fran Nan Pelosi, and the Marxist rat bastards who infest the Demoncrat majority in the U. S. House, passed a ‘drilling bill’, that sets a new low for Legicrat bait and switch.
  • It imposes a permanent ban on drilling, where we have proven oil reserves - within 50 miles of the American coastline.

  • It allows drilling beyond 50 miles, where there are fewer known deposits, but the fine print makes it damn near impossible for any oil company to surmount all the bureaucratic hurdles.

  • Since adventurous oil companies that are willing to try their luck in the 50 to 100 mile region need prior state approval, San Fran Nan made it virtually to impossible, by abolishing the oil royalty sharing plan that pumps money into state coffers.

  • Determined to deny oil companies the money they need to mount oil exploration programs, San Fran Nan’s assault on energy production revokes $18 billion in tax breaks for oil companies over a 5-year period. Furthermore, it digs deep into certain oil companies' bank accounts, by making them pony up billions in oil royalties that weren’t forked over, due to a contractual ‘error’ made by the Interior Department.

San Fran Nan thinks she can flim-flam the American voter with this phony oil drilling bill. She’s hoping everyone is too stupid to realize that her drilling bill takes proven oil reserves out of production, permanently. She hopes we won't notice the way she is looting the oil companies to deny them the money they need to find, and develop, new oil reserves. Instead of paving the way to energy independence for America, she’s erecting new barriers.

I’ve had it with this botox bitch. How much longer must we watch her dismantle our inalienable liberty before we say ‘enough already’? How much longer must we put up with her, before somebody does what needs to be done? When will some patriotic, rugged, American individual ram a grenade up the Marxist bitch’s lying ass, pull the pin, and tell her, "Kiss your rancid ass goodbye, COMRADE?"

Perpetrated by: Hambo

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  1. That energy bill is total garbage. Republicans need to hit on this again and again.


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