Saturday, September 13, 2008

Will Biden Get Bounced from the Ticket?

It looks like Sen. Joe "Foot in my Mouth" Biden is worrying the Obama campaign.

From WND --

However, according to recent polls, Biden's popularity is not as high as Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. Results from a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. national survey released yesterday have Obama and McCain virtually tied – Obama has 49 percent while McCain has 48 percent. But Sarah Palin has surged ahead of Biden on popularity with 55 percent to his 44 percent. Her favorability rating is also 6 percent higher.

Following Sen. Joe Biden's recent statement that Hillary Clinton might have been a better choice for Obama's running mate, a popular online trading exchange website is taking wagers on whether Biden will be withdrawn from the ticket.

Intrade is currently predicting a 7.9 percent chance Biden will be dropped. Until the election is over, the Biden trading category will fluctuate in value between 0 and 100 like a stock reacting to daily news. The price has been steadily increasing since yesterday when Biden said Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., could have been a better candidate for Obama's running mate.

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