Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Did Al-Qaeda use a Thermobaric Bomb in Hotel Attack?

We all know that the IED's and TNT laden truck bombs the terrorists use cause massive amounts of death and destruction. In most places that would be threatened security measures are in place that minimize the damage from any attack.

The ever adapting "virgin-in-heaven-seeking" jihadakaze's may have obtained a weapon that will negate these measures and create total carnage!

It is now believed that the explosion at Islamabad Marriott was caused by a thermobaric bomb. The only thing worse than Al-Qaeda or the Taliban with a thermobaric bomb would be Obama getting elected president.

From National Terror Alert --

The bomb was delivered in a truck that contained what investigators believe was aluminum powder in addition to grenades and artillery shells. The aluminum power is believed to have been responsible for the acceleration and expansion of the impact of the bomb.

Aluminum powder has long been used to boost the power of explosives. Blast weapons like the 15,000-pound BLU-82 Daisy Cutter and the 21,600-pound “Mother of All Bombs” use it to increase their destructive force.

The blast and fire damage at the Islamabad Marriott were severe enough as it was. But a similar device with enhanced engineering could have leveled the building and caused far worse casualties. Terrorists showed that one of the most secure buildings in Islamabad was still vulnerable to attack, but there was far less damage than there might have been. More...

Click on the link to read all about thermobaric bombs. You will be amazed at their destructive capabilities.

We, the United States, have the "Mother of All Bombs," and Russia has what they call the "Dad of All Bombs." The Russian, "Dad of All Bombs," is a thermobaric bomb with a blast radius twice as big as our strongest non-nuclear bomb and four times more powerful. Russia's devastating thermobaric bomb, though not a nuclear bomb, is an air delivered weapon that has the ability to equal the destruction of a nuclear bomb.

Makes me wonder if maybe the beady-eyed KGB agent Putin maybe helping them.

Which brings me to this....

A friend of mine has a son who was staying at the Islamabad Marriott. By the grace of God he was not at the hotel during the bombing. I would ask that everyone keep our troops and their families in your prayers while they continue fighting one of the most evil enemies our country and this world has ever faced!

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