Thursday, September 25, 2008

Batchelder for Ohio House District 69

The PD notes after all the years Batchelder has served and the many great things he has accomplished over his years - he is still a tireless and dedicated official.

How often do we find that?

From the PD --
This district covers most of Medina County. House members serve two-year terms.


William Batchelder, 65, a Republican, is technically a freshman legislator, but in reality is finishing his 32nd year in the House. Batchelder served from 1968 to 1998, left to be a judge in the Common Pleas and state appeals courts. He has a bachelor's degree from Ohio Wesleyan University and a law degree from Ohio State University.

Jack Schira, 70, a Democrat, is a retired aerospace engineer and Air Force veteran who served in Vietnam and spent four years as a Brunswick Hills Township trustee. He has master's degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Oklahoma.


Schira ran unsuccessfully against Batchelder in 2006. Although a bit bombastic, he has an impressive understanding of that fact that keeping educated young people in Ohio is central to improving the state's troubled economy. Schira is an informed candidate with the intelligence to serve well in the legislature.

Batchelder is a Statehouse and Medina County legend whose intellect and earlier accomplishments in the legislature prompted voters to return him to Columbus in 2006. But Batchelder has hardly rested on his laurels, as evidenced by a number of his recent legislative efforts - notably reforms to the workers' compensation system and passage of a bill to end payday-lending abuses. Few legislators are as conservative as Batchelder. None may be as bright.

Batchelder needs to be re elected for the simple fact of, not only is he good for his district, but he is one of the few guys that actually works!


  1. This one Im voting for the dem.Batchelder is not even close to a true conservative.So why even waste my vote.He's to busy trying to run out business in Ohio and creating policy with the far left like Hagen from youngstown.I think it's funny how these guys reach out to the same base they just recently turned there back on.He's not the only one Husted and Widener fall into that group as well.Vote out these guys and make a statement to the party that conservative values first.

  2. I agree. He has been a tireless worker for what he believes in, whether or not you always agree with him.


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