Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pakistan Army given green light to attack U.S. Troops

In response to President Bush giving secret orders for cross border attacks in Pakistan on any terrorist elements - the Pakistani poppy heads respond by giving their soldiers permission to attack U.S. troops...

From National Terror Alert --
Pakistan’s military ordered its forces Tuesday to take the offensive if U.S. troops launch another air or ground raid across the Afghan border, an army spokesman said.

The orders, which come in response to a highly unusual Sept. 3 ground attack by U.S. commandos, are certain to heighten tensions between Washington and a key ally against terrorism. Although the ground attack was rare, there have been repeated reports of U.S. drone aircraft striking militant targets, most recently on Sept. 12.

I guess this is how the Pakistani's are going to help us.... their troops will now become target practice for our fine soldiers.

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