Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Castle Doctrine passes first test in Ohio

Well that was quick! The newly enacted Castle Doctrine was put to a test the other day and it passed with flying colors!

From the PD --

The 65-year-old crept halfway down a set of stairs in his underwear and said he spotted an intruder breaking through a steel doorway between an attached room and a garage.

The intruder didn't see Hanson, who darted back upstairs, put on his boots and pants and grabbed a 9 mm pistol. He dashed downstairs and out a door before confronting the intruder. Hanson said he followed the man who fled about 40 feet and stopped at a 6-foot fence.

"Stop!" Hanson yelled. "I have a gun. Just stay. Get back here!"

The intruder turned and approached Hanson, who said he feared for his life. Hanson fired his gun. The man collapsed and died in the grass about 2:45 a.m. More...

I heard on the TV last night that Hanson will not be charged with any crimes. The gun was taken ONLY to verify it was the gun used in the shooting.

They should parade the dead thugs body down Euclid Ave. and let all the thugs see first hand how the Castle Doctrine works.

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