Saturday, September 6, 2008

Steaming Load: ACLU sues Rhode Island Governor

From Politically Incorrect Gazette --

Steaming Load: ACLU sues Rhode Island Governor, Don Carcieri, after the governor paints a ‘not on our dime’ bull’s-eye on border jumpers.

Rhode Island Governor Don Carcieri did the math and came to the reasonable conclusion that the 20,000 to 40,000 border jumping scumbags, who infest his state, are a financial drain on the state’s schools, hospitals and state government. After thinking it over, he issued an executive order that requires state agencies, and companies doing business with the state, to use Uncle Sam’s E-Verify database to substantiate every new employee’s immigration status. It was, in PIG’s opinion, a reasonable requirement, since the money at stake is the state’s.

This week, citing the fact that the E-verify system isn’t 1000000000000% perfect, the ACLU scumbags nailed the governor with a lawsuit.
The lawsuit accuses Carcieri of violating the state constitution by interfering with existing contracts and by enforcing an executive order that conflicts with purchasing laws adopted by the General Assembly. It also accuses Carcieri of failing to hold a public hearing about the new rules as required by law. (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

The usual assortment of Colonista whiners is aiding and abetting this ACLU turd, by sending up the usual complaints about ‘illegal immigrant’ crime victims being afraid to come forward and talk to the proper authorities. If these border jumping scumbag INVADERS, had stayed HOME, WHERE THEY BELONG, they wouldn’t have any need to contact Rhode Island justice system officials.

Border jumpers broke the law by coming here, UNINVITED. It would be nice if once, JUST ONCE, rat goddamn basters like these ACLU turds put America, and its LEGAL denizens, first. Die in a fire, you ACLU bastards. Die in a fire.

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  1. wait, so do you like the ACLU? I couldnt tell?


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