Friday, September 12, 2008

Here Comes the Fudge

The local democraps have spoken... Warrensville Hts Mayor Marcia Fudge was chosen to replace the late Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones on the ballot for the general election.

From the PD --

Warrensville Heights Mayor Marcia Fudge, mentored in politics by the late U.S. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, grabbed the inside track Thursday night to take over her seat.

Fudge won a landslide victory in a vote by Cuyahoga County Democratic Party officials to replace Tubbs Jones as the party's nominee on the Nov. 4 ballot for the 11th Congressional District.

She finished with 175 votes, well ahead of second-place finisher C.J. Prentiss, a former minority leader of the Ohio Senate who received 64 votes, and the third-place finisher, the Rev. Marvin McMickle of Antioch Baptist Church in Cleveland, who received 30. More...

With the support of former Congressman Louis Stokes this selection is no surprise. What is a surprise though is the City of Bedford Mayor Dan Pocek supported Fudge.

Fudge, with the help of Tubbs Jones, was one of the main reasons Bedford officials had to jump through hoops to secure financing for the Tinkers Creek Industrial Park. The site which the Tinkers Creek Industrial Park was built was classified as a brown field and eligible for Issue 2 funding. The Tinkers Creek Industrial Park has the potential for creating 900 high paying jobs.

Being assured by all his democrat pals the selection of this site for funding was in the bag, Pocek was back-doored when a site in Warrensville Hts was selected instead. The asbestos clean up on the old Zayre's building created 9 jobs, and through the influence of Tubbs Jones - Fudge's location was selected instead.

From hard work by the Bedford officials, Mayor Pocek too, the Tinkers Creek Industrial Park is now complete - because of Fudge it almost never happened!

Is this type of backdooring something we can expect from Fudge if she gets elected? Will she continue to place her personal agenda before the needs of the residents in the 11th District?

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  1. The follwing editorial was printed in the Plain Dealer on 9/10/2008:

    Republican believes her party is out of touch -- letter to the editor

    I'm a longtime Republican who will proudly vote for Barack Obama in the upcoming election. I painfully watched the Republican convention.

    Apparently they don't live in my America. My America is in a recession.

    I appreciate the service of John McCain and the multiple military references, but that service will not put food on the tables in my America.

    My America is Asian, Indian, White, African-American and Hispanic.

    Apparently their America is all white -- all you had to do was look out in that crowd to see that the Republican convention did not reflect the diversity of this country.

    In my America, Democrats as well as Republicans believe in family values.

    Apparently, they believe that somehow that party and that party only cares about family values.

    I would say that, apparently, the Republican Party is simply out of touch with the struggles of my America.

    I am voting for Barack Obama and I am writing this letter because my America is the America that we will leave to our children, and I owe my vote to them.

    Kay Creekmore

    Copley Township

    - - End of Editorial - -

    I sent this letter to the editor in response:

    Quit calling yourselves Republicans

    I am writing in response to Kay Creekmore’s letter to the editor. She states, “I’m a longtime Republican who will proudly vote for Barack Obama in the upcoming election.” I question the “longtime Republican” statement. In fact, when I looked up Kay’s voting record for Patricia K. Creekmore I clearly see that she has never pulled a Republican ballot in a Primary election since the year 2000. In fact, the only partisan ballot Kay ever pulled was this past year in 2008, and it was a Democrat ballot. The public records do not lie, and this information is all public knowledge compliments of the Ohio Secretary of State.

    Kay is one more person in a long line of people claiming to be “longtime” Republicans who are tired of the party and voting for Obama. I am also tired of the Plain Dealer blindly printing these kinds of letters without taking a minute to research her claims. It took me one minute to download the voter data from the Ohio SOS site and prove Kay to be a Democrat, not a Republican.

    David G. Fago
    Parma, Ohio

    - - End of Letter - -

    So fellow Republicans, watch out for these fake Republicans and the so-called Republican rag known as the Pee D.


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